Thursday, March 31, 2016

31 March 2016

Nothing much going on and it was only Navy and the Collies at Angel Paws.  Navy and Gemini played quite a bit.  I barked, errr refereed.  Then Navy came over to lick my face.  
Navy and Gemini Taking a Break 

DI told Dad we needed some pawtographs because folks want to see the pawtographs of Gemini, me and our pals. 
Pawsome Pawtograph of Navy
Sherman Chilling Out
Dog Speed,


Tuesday, March 29, 2016

A Tail of Visitors

We've intended to post, but have been really busy trying to get things done.  Somehow, one thing after another keeps popping up.
Gemini & Miles
The 16th through the 21st we had visitors.   Miles and his brudder Copper visited our home.  We pick them up, then Dad brings the kennel with the two pups into the house.  First, Miles comes out and takes a little pee and Dad yelled at him.  Miles takes it all in stride  Then Copper walks right in front of Dad by the table and took a big pee to mark his territory in front of Dad.

Dad's time in the oil field came out.  His voice boomed and words from his oil patch day came out.  A few the collies have never heard before.  In his state of agitation and rush to clean up the pee, Dad knocks a bunch of tins that were on the table onto the floor.  We think all that noise scared the dog out of Copper.   Copper refused to come out of the kennel while Dad was around during his stay.
Copper in the Kennel
After awhile Dad decided close the dog door in the back patio and put the kennel in the patio every now and then.  That way Copper could eat and relieve himself.  Dad figured Copper would come out after seeing Miles chilling out with us and Dad.  No such luck.

Dad could have tried to force the issue, but that isn't his style.  Dad checked off leaving the tins on the kitchen table when other pups visit.  It is amazing how something will scare the dog out of one pup, while the others are not phased.

Dog Speed,

Sherman & Gemini

Monday, March 14, 2016

Gemini In Trouble

Dad came home Friday and Gemini had chewed the corners off a rug that was in front of her kennel.  Dad gave her the evil eye and didn't give her the happy greeting.  Fortunately Dad doesn't get really mad about stuff.  Overall, he was happy that since Monday, 7 March, not a single accident in the house, and he hasn't even come back for lunch.

Earlier that week, Dad came home and Gemini was sitting on the couch.  That was a first for her.  However, she had trouble getting off the couch.  She wants a rug nearby the floor.
Gemini on the Couch 
Gemini on the Couch, While Sherman is on the Floor
That Gemini is overall a great collie.  She hasn't gotten into to many things.  She plays well with the other pups at Angel Paws.  Here are some pictures of her with ball at Angel Paws.  She doesn't play often with balls, but it was fun to watch her this time.

Dog Speed,


Thursday, March 3, 2016

Return of the Gemini

When Dad put me in the car, my heart started to race.  When Dad started to drive, he was humming the theme song from "Star Wars."  I knew something was up, when we passed through the gates and made the turn, I knew where we were going.  After almost two long weeks, I have returned to my beloved Angel Paws Dog Park.
Gemini & Sherman Ready to Exit the Collie-Mobile
When I got out, I noted my pals Navy, Sky and Tonks were already inside.  Later on Dakota and Kayla showed up.  I played a whole lot, and Sherman even joined in a couple times.  The world is back to normal.
Sky & Gemini Wrestle 
Sherman on Fence Patrol
Dakota & Sherman Run While Sky Looks Away
Gemini Gets Petted, While Tonks & Navy Rest
Dog Speed,