Sunday, April 29, 2012

All is Well - 29 April

All is well with us folks.  Dad is better and went to work Friday.  Sigh, we wish he would have stayed home.  This weekend was supposed to be really wet.  It rained, but it was not nearly as bad as it was supposed to.

Dad watched the football draft and yelled at the TV.  Something about the they drafted who?  They are never going to win, if they draft like this.  Good thing we were around to calm him down.
Friday evenings sky was spectacular at Angel Paws. Below is the paw-to-graphic evidence.

Essex & Sherman

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Dad is Sick

We'll cyber-paw pals, Dad is feeling sick - sore throat, coughing, fevered eyes.  That means the smells of  orange juice, chicken-noodle soup, NyQuil and Dad in bed at our house.  Essex is keeping a good watch on Dad. 
We are doing well.  The ticks came back and Dad decided he needed to switch our flea and tick medicine.  He tried comfortis.  Doc told him to make sure we eat and wait an hour.  Essex made it an hour though her tummy felt queasy.  Sherman lasted about 55 minutes and then everything he ate came to see how Dad's living room carpet was doing.  Sherman sniffed it and said I can't eat this stuff.

On the other paw, while Dad is up we asked him to post some pictures from this weekend.  The first is Sherman sleeping.  Why he decided to sleep under his food & water bowls is unknown.  Both Dad and I thought about scaring him, but decided cleaning up all the water would be no fun.

Sherman Picks an Unusual Spot to Sleep
Saturday morning, it rained pretty hard when we went for our morning walk.  This picture is of two rain washed collies.  We were happy when Dad got out the towels.  That is our favorite portion of rainy day walks.  Essex likes to get dried off, while Sherman tries to play tug of war with the towels. 

Two Wet Collies Back From a Walk
These next pictures were taken on Sunday at Angel Paws.  We had a good steady breeze going.  Dad loved the sight of the wind blowing in our fur. 

The Wind Plays with Sherman's Fur
What is Sherman Looking At/
Sherman Looks to the Left
 Essex Looks for Anything Barkworthy is Coming.

Dog Speed,

Essex & Sherman


Sunday, April 15, 2012

Titanic Hundred Year Anniversary

Yesterday, we watched the movie "Titanic."  Dog Dad was quiet last night.  This morning he had that wistful long ago look in his eyes during our walk.  When we got home, he brewed some Kona Coffee.  When the coffee was ready, he cut up some cheese.  Then he raised his cup and said " They gave their lives so others could live; may we always remember their sacrifice.   To those brave men and dogs."  He drank some coffee and gave us the cheese.
Essex relayed that Dad has been like that every 15 April she has lived with him.  Every year he toasts to them and remembers.  Dad told her that it started back in 1996, when he lived in Washington D.C.  The Washington Post did an article about a group of men that got together every year to remember that anniversary.  Here is a link to the Washington Post article, that caused Dad to remember this day and to visit the monument when he lived in D.C.  Those of you that have followed us for awhile, will remember this link to our post about it in 2008.

Dog Dad remembers the Titanic's story. The Titanic hit an iceberg at 11:40 PM on 14 April, next the first passengers were guided to the life boats at 12:15 AM on 15 April.  At 2:20 AM the Titanic finally began to sink.  In the end 1517 people and six dogs die in the disaster.  Many lessons were learned and the world made safer, but we should never forget the sacrifice they made that day one hundred years ago today.

Dog Speed,

Essex & Sherman

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Sherman at Angels Paws

Sherman at Angel Paws - 12 April 2012

Leo's Dad took this pawsome paw-to-graph this evening of me and I barked at Dad to post it today.  Our entire pack was at Angel Paws.  I was playing with Leo and pawsed a moment to catch my breath.  Essex she was doing Fence Patrol and Dad was talking with the other humans.

Dog Dad is in a better mood today as he is finished doing taxes.

Essex told me I watch Dad closely Sunday morning.  Something about an annual toast.  She told me that Dad has done the toast every year since she has lived with him.  I wonder what Dad is toasting?  Will there be any cheese?  Does any paw have an idea, as Essex loves torturing me and making me wait instead of telling me.

Dog Speed,


Sunday, April 8, 2012

Barky Easter - 2012

We hope every paw had a barky Easter.  Dad went out to eat at Tonks' and Kiana's house to eat.  We could tell because he smelled like them.  Dad baked a cake to bring.  It is shaped like a lamb.  He told us that when he was a little boy, grand-maw would make an Easter Lamb Cake.  He uses raisins for the nose & eyes, and a cherry for the mouth.  At the meal there were the huskies' pawrents, Brooke & Sidney's pawrents, and Enzoe's Mom & Dad.  The humans had fun and talked, while we got to stay home. 
The Lamb Cake
Looks Good
Dad has been in a grumpy mood, but Essex tells me that is usual when he does taxes.  We are glad they don't have a dog tax and that Dog Dad finished his this weekend.
Essex is Vigilant at the Fence
Leo Catches his Breath
Sherman Lays Down by the Water Bowl
Sherman and Leo Share a Bowl of  Water
Joel & Red headed north to Maryland about two weeks ago.  Essex is still doing fence patrol.  Sherman still plays and especially love hanging out with his pal Leo.  Sherman comes home tired when he plays with Leo.

Dog Speed,

Essex & Sherman