Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Walking Tails

As 2014 is coming to an end, Dad is thinking about Essex and Deacon.  Essex came home with Dad on New Years Eve, so he thinks about her more.  Most of his memories of Essex and Deacon make Dad smile.
As we were barking with each other and Dad mentioned that myself, Essex and Deacon have all had different walking tails.  I asked him to explain and he told me that Great Auntie Essex typically walked with her tail down.  While Uncle Deacon walked tail up, and that his tail reminded Dad of a "crook" the hooked staff that a shepherd used.  It reminded Dad of a sashimono, the small banners the samurai used when they went into battle or the Winged Hussars of the Polish-Lithuanian Calvary.  As for me, my tail is in between.  
Essex Was Tail Down
Uncle Deacon Was Tail Up, Like a Shepard's Crook
My Tail Is In Between
My Walking Tail
Dear cyber-paw pals, what is your walking tail? 

Dog Speed,


Thursday, December 25, 2014

Essexmas 2014

Merry Essexmas to all.  We hope everypaw had a fantastic day.  Dad has been busy with phone calls and visiting friends.  This year he has been late with everything.  To tell the truth it is hard to get in the Essexmas mood without the threat of snow and a chill in the air.
Merry Essexmas to All
I got some dog treats, which are always pawsome to receive.  I gave Dad a big face lick.  Dad went across the street last night to visit his friends.  They have a pig roast every year and there are plenty of hoomans at his friends house.

Merry Essexmas to all.


Sunday, December 14, 2014

December 2014 - Angel Paws

Things are going pawsome at Angel Paws.  I have met new friends.  One of them is Kiwi, who is full of bounce and gets after me to play.  Bella the Boxer shows up sometimes as well.  My pals Red and CC are back for the winter.  I can definitely tell these two twelve year old Labradors have slowed down.
Having Fun at Angel Paws
My Pal Kiwi
Kiwi and Tonks 
CC Sniffing Around
When our visit is done, Dad drives us home in the Collie Mobile.  When he saw me today he just laughed at me.  I looked so happy and content in the back of the truck.  
On the Way Home in the Back of the Collie Mobile
Dog Speed,


Sunday, December 7, 2014

December Seventh

Today is one of those days that Dad always remembers and stops a moment to pray.  Ever since he was a little boy he remember December Seventh.  Essex told me that both Grand Maw and Grand Paw told Dad that they remember where they were the day that Pearl Harbor was attacked. They remember the speech given by FDR.  Here is a link to FDR's speech declaring war on Japan.   A lot of things changed in the world that day.  Over the course of the next four years many young men and women would cross the Rainbow Bridge.
The Battleship Arizona
After Dad left Ohio, he got to travel to Hawaii and see Pearl Harbor.  He visited the Arizona Memorial.  Dog Dad can remember where he has been and doing on previous December Sevenths.  He thinks of how different the world would have been if it never happened.  May we never forget those who gave their lives to protect our country and may the Lord give our leaders the wisdom that has eluded so many of the worlds past leaders.

Dog Speed,

Sherman & Dog Dad

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Battle Buddy

I was surfing the cyber-paw space this week and stumbled on an article titled "They Showed His Dog Leaning Against A Door, And Then It All Made Sense To Me."  As we read the article, I could see Dog Dad nodding his head in agreement.  The article was about Service Dogs for Military Veterans.
Sherman With A Special Report 
As we explored further, we found the site for the "Battle Buddy Foundation."  We read the information on the site and I noticed Dog Dad smiling at me.  We know lots of veterans and Dad could easily relate to the article from the people he knows.  We both think it was a pawtastic idea.  Dad knows that a regular dog like me helps him a lot, and he could imagine what trained dog could do for a person with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).

We don't remember reading about this in any of our cyber-paw pals blogs.  We hope you enjoy reading about Battle Buddy and find this to be as interesting as Dog Dad and I.

Dog Speed,

Sherman & Dog Dad

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

We hope everyone had a pawsome Thanksgiving.  I was happy to spend some extra time with Dad.  I had to laugh at him today.  He was making pumpkin muffins and had the batch in the oven.  As he is cleaning up, he notices a can on the counter.  He looks at it and realizes he didn't add the pumpkins puree to the mix.  BOL, all he did was say "Nuts" and shake his head.
Barky Thanksgiving Every Paw
Good news, Dad told me he is off tomorrow, so I am happy.  This year I am thankful for having Dog Dad to take care of and for Grrrreat Auntie Essex teaching me "The Way of the Collie."  While I miss her, I am hopeful that next year will bring a tri-color collie puppy into our home.  None are born as of yet, so we don't know when the pup will join us.

I am happy that there are more pups coming to Angel Paws.  The Snowbirds in there RVs are starting to come down, which means more pups at the park.  My good pals  Red and CC are back.  There are a couple of other pups that show up a couple times a week like Bella the Boxer.  There are others that come once a week or so.

Dog Speed,


Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Kiana Crosses the Bridge

I am sad to tell you that my paw pal Kiana crossed the Rainbow Bridge yesterday.  Kiana was about ten and a half years old.  For over six years she took medicine to help control epileptic seizures.  She was a pawsome Siberian Husky with an extremely friendly personality.  About two months ago her hoooman parents found out she had cancer and wouldn't be much longer with them.  Her hoomans prepared themselves and tried to do lots of things with Kiana.  When the time came yesterday, Tonks accompanies Kiana to the vet and stayed with her as she crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  The below picture was taken at the vets office. 
Kiana and Tonks Touch Paws for the Final Time
Great Auntie Essex and Uncle Deacon first met Kiana and Tonks way back in early 2011.  The Huskies and Collies quickly became good friends.  I first met them as a puppy when I came to live with Great Auntie Essex.  We had lots of fun at Angel Paws Dog Park and at each others houses.  Dog Dad and I know her hoomans made the right decision.  A very good paw pal has went to run with Great Auntie Essex and Uncle Deacon.  Dog Speed Kiana, Dog Speed.
Kiana at Angel Paws- Early 2011
Left to Right - Tonks, Kiana, Brooke and Me
Kiana at My House - 2013 
Furever your paw pal, 


Saturday, November 15, 2014

Remembering Essex a Year Later

Dad has been in a wistful mood all day.  He is thinking of her, Grrrreat Auntie Essex, it has been a year since she crossed the Rainbow Bridge. When he remembers her, memories of Uncle Deacon and his hoooman Mother and Father come to mind.  He speaks to me of all of them.  About fence patrol, Essex's gentle kiss, the first time she met his parents, then how she and Deacon met them.  If he thinks about it wrong, I can see a little dampness around his eyes.  They all meant so much to him, just like I mean a lot to my Dad now.
On Fence Patrol 
The Watchdog, Always Ready to Sound the Alert
During our time at the park, I did a little fence patrol for Dad and that made him smile.  He mostly thinks of great adventures and speaks of happy times.  Things all of them taught him.  He mentioned Essex by name during our walk and more then once he mentioned her nickname "Res" during the day.
Essex and Deacon Resting 
Sleeping Belly Up
He comes over gives me a gentle smile and great big hug.  I lick him.  He will be okay.  There are paw prints and foot prints in the heart.  He tells me how much he learned from Essex, Deacon and his pawrents.  That he is learning from me.  He kisses me on my forehead.  I smile.
Paw Prints in the Snow
I'll take care of you today Dad,


Thursday, November 13, 2014

Prairie Dogs?!?

Dad and I have been busy trying to do all kinds of things, but haven't  caught up.  I've been collie-vising while Dad has been doing the work.  Dad you missed a spot.

At the park we noticed a strange little critter near our park.  Our pals Tonks and Kiana saw it too.  Dad told them it looked like a prairie dog, but we all knew Key West isn't Prairie Dog Country.  Later Dad saw Montana and Dakota's Mom and she confirmed it was a prairie dog and there were more.
A Strange Critter 
A Key West Prairie Dog!
Some squirrel brain must have let them go, which makes Dad mad, because they don't belong here.

As for a puppy, that is a long way off.  No pup is born yet and our breeder Lil doesn't know when the next litter will be due.  When we get news we will let every paw know.

Dog Speed,


Friday, October 31, 2014

Collieween 2014

Well cyber-paw pals Dad had an exciting collieween.  He went through 14 bags of candy and there were all kinds of little hooomans running around.  I unfortunately had to stay in the bedroom because I got really barky.
Don't Know the Pups, but Love the Pawtograph
Best of all Tonks' & Kiana's hoooman Mom, Dad and Sister stopped by to help Dad.  They were the hit of the block.  They were making swords, dogs, flowers and other things out of balloons.  Dad thinks we were the collies bark this Collieween.

Hope every paw had a safe and fun Collieween.


Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Visitor From North Florida

It was a grrrreat surprise cyber paw pals.  One of Dad's friends from North Florida came to visit and her collies have a dog blog too.  Dad thought she was bringing one of her collies.  When I found out they weren't coming, I was upset.  As soon as she came by the door, I was doing my happy dance and barking.
I Sure Like Dad's Visitor
You may remember seeing her pawtograph before.  She was the Dog Mom to Lady I and Lady II, who have crossed the rainbow bridge.  She now has two collies, one named Gracie and the other one Loki.  She promised that at least one of them will come down to see me next time she visits.  Her last visit she put butterfly wings on me, this time she took me to the groomers.  She told Dad that I was a real trooper and handled it well.  Then of course Grrrreat Auntie taught me how to be a brave collie.
She Visited Us Back In October 2011
She Made Me Wear Butterfly Wings

I enjoyed the extra walks and having someone around the house.  Sure hope Dad gets more visitors.

As for a puppy, we are waiting for one to be born.  Dad already has a name in mind too.

Dog Speed,


Saturday, October 18, 2014

Waiting On A Surprise

Well cyber-paw pals, Dad told me to expect a surprise tomorrow.  I wonder what it will be.

I've been seeing more pups at Angel Paws and need to make sure Dad takes his Camera.  The batteries died in the camera, so I had to get after Dad.

Dog Speed,


Monday, October 13, 2014

Pawtographs and Memories

Dad has been in a melon collie mood today.  It would have been Grrrreat Auntie Essex 11th Barkday.  I've kept in in good spirit with my best antics, but Grrreat Auntie went through a lot of significant events with Dad.  He smiles at me, but he remembers his little girl.  He will be okay tomorrow, he only gets misty eye when he thinks of Essex or Deacon.  The picture below was taken after a morning walk.  There was a steady rain and they both got very wet.
Essex's 7th Barkday with Deacon After a Rainy Day Walk
Me and Essex Playing
Essex with us last night, I think she help the Cardinals with that walk off home run in the bottom of the ninth.  I didn't post about it yesterday because the game wasn't over when I posted.  When our friend Jake mentioned El Birdos, it made Dog Dad think of being in Grade School.  He thought of Orlando Cepeda, Lou Brock, Tim McCarver, Roger Maris, Steve Carlton and Bob Gibson.  Dad loved the fiery nature of Gibson.  He remembers being in school and the teacher wheeling out the TV set and the entire class watching the World Series on school time.  Then there was the time one of his classmates got in trouble for having in an earpiece and listening to the game during class.   There were times when he got home from school and the World Series was on.  My how things have changed.  Now Dad is lucky if he can stay awake for the end of the game.
El Birdos Sherman
On the puppy front we have had no luck.  Three litters but no tri-color girls.  Dad has his heart set on a tri-color girl.  When that pup is born there will be a huge celebration.  In the meanwhile we will go to Angel Paws Dog Park early today.  The spirit of Grrreat Auntie will be there, and it where she would want to be on her Barkday.

Dog Speed,


Sunday, October 12, 2014

Beware Of The Elf

Dad has been in a good mood today.  First our Brooke and Sidney are doing fine.  They weathered the typhoon.  We were worried about them.

Next the Cleveland Browns won.  That put Dog Dad in a really good mood.  I wore a Cleveland Browns hat for Dad.  All I can say is "Beware of the Elf!"  I wonder if the Spirit of Grrreat Auntie Essex had any role in the win.  It is pawsible.
Beware of the Elf
Bowsers, The Other Team Had This Look In Their Eyes
Did The Spirit Of Essex Help Cleveland?

Then Dad mowed the yard and took me to Angel Paws.  Much to my delight, my pal Karma showed up.  We played a bunch and that made our hooomans smile.

Karma and Sherman at Play
A Whole Lot of Fur
Dog Speed,


Friday, October 10, 2014

Praying For My Pals Brooke & Sidney

Folks, Dog Dad and I are keeping our pals Brooke and Sidney in our prayers because their pack moved to Okinawa.  If you have been following the news, Okinawa had one typhoon and now are dealing with Typhoon Vongfong.  The winds from Typhoon Vongfong are 70 mph now and are forecast to reach 117 miles per hour.  Dad told me they are due to have winds over 70 mph for over 36 hours.  I can't imagine not going to the bathroom for that long.
A Pawtograph of My Pals Brooke & Sidney
Their entire pack is in our thoughts and prayers.  We hope the Great Dane watches over them and keep them safe.

Dog Speed.

Sherman and Dog Dad

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Sleepy Time

Dad often chuckles at me when he finds me sleeping.  He says that I am sleep in some strange positions, and I've done that since I was a pup.   Here are some pawtographs of me sleeping.  Dad has caught me with my nose under the throw rug, head under the bed and other strange places.  Unlike Grrreat Auntie Essex and Uncle Deacon, I don't sleep belly up.

Do you sleep in funny positions and places?

Nose Under the Dresser Drawer Cabinet 
Legs Under the Throw Rug
Head Next to My Pillow Bed

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Little Buddies

Angel Paws has been slow this year.  I have a couple new chums I want to introduce you too.  The first is Kingo.   Kingo is a nine year old mixed breed and is bi-lingual.  His pawrents are from Canada, so he knows both French and English.  He likes to play with a basketball,, which is a sight to see, because the basketball is bigger than Kingo.  Kingo seems to like me, though we haven't played with each other.
Kingo at Angel Paws
Next is Gracie a five-month old sheltie puppy.  She is a sable just like me.  I will not see Gracie a lot at Angel Paws, because her Dad worries about bad pups at the park.  Dad told me most of the pups that visit here are really nice.  
Gracie and Kingo Just Sniffing
Hope every paw had a pawsome Sunday.

Dog Speed,


Wednesday, September 24, 2014

North-South and a Minion

Early this month one of Dad's chums retired from the Coast Guard.  Looking back over the years and the Dog Park there are plenty of stories to tell.  His chum had a pawsome cake made to look like a minion from the movie.  Dad said the cake was really pawsome.  During the ceremony Dad found out that his chum had circumvented South America crossing the rough seas between at the very Southern Point where the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans meet, as well as being stationed in Alaska.
A Minion Retirement Cake
It was interesting to meet his chum's Mom, who is a really nice lady.  She really liked me and enjoyed talking with Dad.  His chum is a man, who Dad would say the good far out weighs the bad and most important of all cared about what he did.  Both Grrreat Auntie Essex and Uncle Deacon liked Dad's chum.  Grrrreat Auntie Essex was a pawsome judge of character.  She always let Dad know if somebody was okay.
Bailey Enjoying Time With Her Hooman
Chase Getting A Good Butt Scratch

For me I got to meet up with Chase and Bailey again.  We got along fine but didn't play with each other.  We did bark up a storm though.

Dog Speed,


Friday, September 19, 2014

Pirate Day 2014

The Spirit of Grrreat Auntie Essex came to me in the form of  Black Dog, the famous Collieneer.  She tried to tell me the location of Cayo Hueso, the magical bone key.  Just as she was going to tell me, Dog Dad woke me up to take a walk.  I haven't been able to get back to sleep as the thought of all those bones just make my head spin and tummy rumble. 
The Spirit Of Black Dog Visited Me  
As for Dog Dad, he is thinking of Grrreat Auntie Essex and "Talk Like a Pirate Days"  past.

Dog Speed,

First Mate Sherman

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Collie Hoarder

My good pals Loki and Gracie posted about this about a week ago.  The story makes me and Dog Dad a mad.  I am sure that both Great Auntie Essex and Uncle Deacon are angry from across the rainbow bridge.

On Friday 29 August over a hundred collies were rescued from in Tomball, Texas which is near Houston.  The last news article we found was dated 5 September stated the total was a 139.  Many of these collies were in sad shape.

Click here if you are interested in visiting or donating to the Houston Collie Rescue site.

If you want to read more about the incident here are several links.

30 August - Article on Seizure

2 September - Update

5 September - Number now up to 139

Dad has a hard time understanding how a hoooman could do this.  Neither of us want to write much more about this.  I am sure Dog Dad would start using some of that colorful language he learned during his time working in the oil patch.  

Dog Speed,


Wednesday, September 17, 2014

A Package from Grrrr-Wonder

Things have been hectic lately and there are a number of things to write about.  However, Dad has felt under the weather the last week, there has been plenty of rain and all kinds things for him to take care of.

About a dog moon ago, on 2 September, I got a package in the mail from Dad's Brudder, Stevie Grrrrr-Wonder.  I was interested what was in it and Dad wouldn't tell me anything.  I opened the package and inside it was a toy for me.
Bowsers, A Package For Me
You Put A Plastic Water Bottle Inside, Pawsome
The toy is a fox that you put a plastic water bottle inside.  I love destroying plastic water bottles, so it is fun to play with.  Thanks Stevie-Grrrrr-Wonder.

Hopefully, I can post some more tomorrow.

Dog Speed,


Saturday, August 30, 2014

Lazy August Days

Things have been going slow.  About half the time I am the only one at Angel Paws.  Sure wish my dog pals would show up.  Friday some pups showed up.  The Boxer is Bella and the Husky is Nanook.  I sure hope to see more of them.
Nanook, Bella and Sherman at Angel Paws
Other than that I've been resting and chewing on a bone or two.  Dad is trying to get things straightened around the house.  He always seems to end up side tracked doesn't get anything done.
Sleeping With My Nose Under The Rug 
Chewing On A Bone
Hope you are all having a pawsome summer.

Dog Speed