Saturday, February 27, 2010

New Dogs, Snow Dogs, Veterans

Well, cyber-paw pals we have been busy. We hope none of you thought we were lost. Things have been busy at home and then there were some problems getting on cyber-paw space. Dog Dad is done painting and things are returning to normal. We can't remember what normal is though. BOL.
The Rhodesian Ridgebacks
Cassie (top) & Hattie (bottom)
Hunter the Beagle & Baily the Cocker Spanial
German Shepherds Nitro & Rori

Over at Angel Paws life goes on. We haven’t had paw-to-graphs for awhile. There are some new regulars at Angel Paws (above) that keep our place interesting. This time of year some snow-bird dogs return to visit from the icy north (below). Then of course there are a few veterans Angel Paw around like Sasha and us. The weather has been cool and breezy this last month. It was nice to have the doors open and Dad didn't even run the Air Conditioner this month.
Annie, the Golden Retriever
Bodie, the Brittany Spaniel
Red the Black Lab
Sasha staying warm
Essex, chilling out in a stiff breeze

Dog Speed,

Essex & Deacon

Friday, February 5, 2010

Sweet Friends

We got an award from our pawsome friend Mac, who lives in Texas. The award has pictures of cupcakes and cupcakes are pretty good eating cyber-paw pals.
The rules for this award say we must state 10 things that make us happy and then pass it on to 10 friends.

1. Dog Dad
2. Cheeeese
3. Fence Patrol
Essex, the Secretary of Da Fence
4. Ice Cream (especially peanutbutter and cheese Flavored)
5. Cheddar ColliesCheddar Collies
6. Snow

7. Walks
8. Butt scratches
9. Other dogs

Hattie & Deacon greet each other - 2007
10. Barkdays and Essexmas

Now we will pass this pawsome award along.
7. Ludo
8. Kess
9. Fizz
10. Orable

Dog Speed,

Essex & Deacon