Sunday, March 25, 2018


Cyberpaw pals, we wonder into Angel Paws Friday and we saw Sherman's Doppelganger.  It is a collie visiting from Ohio.  Dad strikes up a conversation quickly and finds out about our visitor.  He is from North West Ohio and has been down here for a couple months.  His name is McGee, which is a pawsome name.  Unfortunately our new collie pal will be departing late next week.  We hope he will come down next year and that we will see him.
McGee Roaming Angel Paws 
McGee Sitting by His Hoomans

At first glance it is hard to tell the two apart.  The things that a Dog Parent see is that Sherman's ears are tipped while McGee's are straight up.  Not quite as big as our Collie Angel Deacon though.  Next was the nose, you can see some white around McGee, while Sherman doesn't have any white.  Last is the tail Sherman's is parallel to the ground, while McGee's forms what Dad calls the Shepherds Crook (up and curved).
Sherman Leads The Way, McGee Follows
For the most of the month we have been laying around Angel Paws or playing with other pups.  Dad has been meaning to post, but keeps forgetting to bring his camera.  Here are a few pawtographs of us resting at Angel Paws.
Gemini Looking Pretty
Sherman Protecting A Tennis Ball
Dog Speed,

Sherman & Gemini