Thursday, July 23, 2009

So Far, So Good

Grand-Paws operation went well. The Lord decided he needed to stay a little longer before he crosses the Rainbow Bridge.

According to Auntie Marge (Dog Dad's Sister), the doctor said he has the heart of a person 10 years younger and his bones are strong. She noted he was a grumpy old man again, so things are returning to normal. We don't know how much longer Grand-Paw has, but we hope he is around when we drive North to visit.

Grand Paw, England 1941

Thanks you all for your prayers and crossed paws.

Dog Speed,

Essex, Deacon & Dog Dad

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Grand-Paw writing a letter circa 1941

We got a call from Auntie Marge today. Grand-Paw fell down at the nursing home and fractured some bones. He might undergo surgery tomorrow. Doctors are unsure if they want to chance it. Dog Dad is worried but knows there is nothing he can do but pray. He looked at us and said "We will have to wait and see what will happen." Dog Dad learned a long time ago to accept what he can't control.

Grand-Paw, January 2008

We are keeping our paws crossed, but at the same time we trust in the Lord to do what is right. Grand-Paw was born in 1918 and served in WW II. He lived through some tough times and has Dad's respect. While they didn't always see eye-to-eye, they always respected the others opinion.

Dog Dad has a calm even personality, so his highs and lows are like a ripple on a pond for him. That bothers his siblings and some other people who would claim that isn't healthy. Dog Dad response would be "It is what it is."

So we give Dad a head to pat, a belly to rub and some licks to the face to let him know we are here for him.

Dog Speed,

Essex & Deacon

Thursday, July 16, 2009

200 Posts

Well, cyber-paw pals this is post number 200. We can’t believe that we have barked that much. Dog Dad is remembering of warm summer days forty years ago, when he was just a small lad. It was during that time an incredible journey took place. A great rocket thundered into the Florida sky back then and traveled towards the Moon. The world watched in awe and hope as the rocket became a small dot then disappeared into the heavens. Like many hoomans, Dog Dad’s family gathered late at night to watch on the black & white “Where is the remote box” as a man stepped onto the moon four days later. Most hoomans who lived then can tell you were they were on that day. It was a moment of pride and great accomplishment during very troubled times.

A picture of the moon in January 2009

Dog Dad stated that a dog named “Super” meant a lot to the family of the first person to step on the moon. That we should remember Super, and the positive impact dogs have on families. We believe dogs bring out the best in people. After all, we bring out the best in Dog Dad. We are thinking now of Super playing with Charlie, Higgins, Pudgy, Foxy, Great Uncle Bobby and all the other pups that have crossed the Rainbow Bridge. We bet when some-paw wants to hear a story, Super is among those telling tails of high adventure. While “Life is good,” we bet Rocket would bark that “Life is even better with a dog by your side.”

Dog Speed,

Essex, Deacon & Dog Dad

Monday, July 13, 2009

Barkday Photos

Barkday Cake for da hoomans

Deacon had a fun barkday. We had a long morning walk and Dad played extra long with us. The only bad part was the events at Angel Paws were delayed a day. It rained hard that afternoon. So when we got there it was only the Collies and PJ at the park. We decided to delay so more pupsters could be there.

Barkday Cake with Collie Flags
Cheddar Collies
Deacon at Angel Paws on his barkday

On Monday there was PJ, Sasha, Reilly, Gunner, Jake, Leo, Lyra, Gino, Ollie, Mongo, Charlie and Blue at the park. We had a grand time, though Essex wanted more bicycles to chase. The Cheddar Collies were a big hit with us dogs, while the cake went over big with the hoomans. The dog treats and cake to include the frosting were all made from scratch. Every dog wished me a happy barkday.

Our newest pal, Gunner the Boxer
Reilly checking out the park

Deacon and Gino playing

We asked Dad to take a picture of us by our pineapple plant. Dad loves his Florida Keys grown pineapples. We rather have a dog biscuit though.

Collies & Pineapple

Thanks to everypaw for wishing Deacon a Happy Barkday. We really appreciate you taking the time to say hello.

Dog Speed,

Essex & Deacon

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Deacon is Three

Well, cyber-paw pals they got me again. The alarm went off this morning and Dad comes over to me singing Happy Barkday. Then he buried his face in my fur and gave me a big hug. Next was a long walk and extra treats afterwards. He is going to try and make stuff for the park today too. Essex & I will bark at you tomorrow about that.
We spent some time at Angel Paws yesterday. A lot of regulars have been thanking our Dog Dad and PJ's Mom for putting in the new gate for everypaw the last several days. It makes us feel proud that people say good things about our Dad. Below are some pictures from yesterday at Angel Paws.

Me (Deacon) with my little buddy Ollie.
Auntie Essex looking good
My pal Gino

Well, time to get Dad to play with me outside before it gets to hot. Pictures of the day tomorrow about my barkday.
Dog Speed

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Green is Good

PJ inspects the new gate, while
Deacon gives it the bounce test.

Believe in the power of the paw. PJ Mom helped us find a new gate and his Dad came over to tell our Dog Dad. Dad goes to the park with his tools but WITHOUT THE COLLIES. He meets with PJ Mom, presto chango, they remove the rusted old gate and replace it with a new green gate.

It is green, it doesn't match, but it works

While we don't have matching colours, we are all more secure. So all the dog park regulars are less worried about us dogs getting out and playing in traffic. As Dad tells us, he doesn't care how it looks, just that it works. All you pups out there know that happy hoomans means happy dogs. As Rocket would say "Life is good."

Essex & Deacon

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Ever Vigilant

Essex ever vigilant
Well, cyber-paw pals there has not been much to write about. The summer has been just slowly sizzling on. Not much to chase at the dog park, somehow few people come down to Southern Florida for summer vacation.
Ollie's Mom is doing fine. She has a bad wrist sprain and a slight leg sprain. So she is walking fine but having problems grasping objects in her one hand. She wanted us to tell Mika & Wall-e thanks for asking.
The fence wasn't fixed as of Monday but we were told soon. Dad can't wait until it is fixed. He is worried about the small dogs escaping through the huge gap and the big dogs knocking it down if they run into it.
Deacon chews on treat
We did survive 4 July. Essex doesn't like fireworks. While she doesn't pee or howl, she will try to find the quietest room or stay right next to Dog Dad. Guess he must be her protector. Deacon could care less about fireworks. The amazing thing is thunder doesn't seem to bother either Collie. Until another day cyber-paw pals.
Dog Speed,
Essex & Deacon