Tuesday, December 31, 2013

An Empty Chair

Cyber-Paw pals, it is a rough day for Dog Dad today.  I have been doing my best to make him smile by giving him face licks.  He hugs me and gives a weak smile.  At times he looks at an empty chair, the one where Great Auntie Essex would watch the outside world from.  It is hard to believe she is gone.

An Empty Chair
This is would have been his 10th Bark-Aversary.  Ten years ago Dog Dad drove around three hours to Holmhaven to pick up Great Auntie Essex and then three hours back.  He loves me, but when he thinks about picking her up, all their years together and then the regular New Years Eve stuff memories just surge through him.  He thinks of the little puppy climbing up his arm as he drove away from Holmhaven.  He thinks of all the good times and bad.  Dog Dad is sentimental and misses Essex and Deacon.  It shows today on her Gotcha Day more strongly then when Auntie Essex crossed the bridge.  The memories are strong.

Essex Standing Guard from her Chair

Essex Resting
He tells me how all three of us were very special and excellent collies.  His love and sadness come through.  I wish I could lick it all away, but know I have to let the sadness run its' course today.
31 December 2009 - Deacon & Essex
Essex in Ohio

Dad just hugged me and lets me know I am doing  a good job.

Dog Speed,


Monday, December 30, 2013

Quiet Colliedays

Well folks, Essexmas went pretty well.  I got lots of treats and walks.  Christmas Day we went to one of our friends that has four dogs.  According to Dad I barked to much.  BOL.  His friend gave him two little collie ornaments for our Essexmas Tree.
Sherman and Treats
Collie Essexmas Tree Ornaments
We opened gifts from family to find one with a picture of me, Uncle Deacon and Great Auntie Essex.  Dad got a little misty eyed.  Sentimental old Dog Dad.  We both miss my Great Auntie, so I licked his face to make us both feel better.
Top to Bottom - Essex, Deacon, Sherman
Happy Colliedays,


Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Essexmas - 2013

Dog Dad and I want to wish all of you a Very Merry Essexmas.   Despite the passing of my Great Auntie, she will always be in our hearts and this will forever be Essexmas for us. 
Merry Essexmas to All
I won't be able to eat Cheddar Collies until much later today.  First comes our early morning walk and then Dad plans to go back to bed.  Dad keeps up our routine even when he is not working.

We hope the Lord is with you every day and that you know peace and joy.  We hope you take the time to enjoy the important thing in life, family and friends both furry and hooman.  We hope a smile finds a place on your face and your heart.

Dog Speed and Merry Essexmas,


Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Betrayed By Cheese

Alas dear cyber-paw pals, I was found and bathed.  It all started this morning with a thorough brushing and cutting of matted hair.  Then came the a most wonderful  aroma.  The smell and the power of extra sharp cheddar cheese was to much for a mere collie like me.  That wonderful smell lured me into the bath room, where I was cornered.

Dad gave me a nibble of cheese, then he got me into the shower stall.  Then he got me wet, but at least the water was lukewarm.  Then came out the shampoo and he gave me a good lather before rinsing out all the shampoo.  Next came my second favorite part, being dried out with the towel.  Sometimes I'll try to hold onto the towel.  Then I got the rest of the cheese.  Ah, heaven.
My Weakness - Cheddar Cheese
Wet & Miserable
Enough Pictures, Dry Me Off
One Handsome Pup
Next I got to dry off, followed by another brushing.  After all of that I looked pawsome.  Though I did smell like a French house of disrepute.    Red, CC and Karma all gave me a thorough sniffing.  I know it will be at least another six months before my next bath. 

Dog Speed,


Sunday, December 22, 2013

I'm Hiding

I am currently hiding from Dog Dad.

I heard him say something about me getting a bath.  I know it has been like nine months since I got one, but I don't need one. 

I am hoping he doesn't break out the cheese, because the temptation may be too much.

I hear footsteps, time to hide.


Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Deck Is Looking Good

Well cyber-paw pals my deck has new wood on it.  They did a pawsome job too.  It needs to get some stain and water seal, but it is sturdy and looks great.  I had to get on top of it and survey my collie-dom.  Things looked fine from where I was sitting.  All is safe.
Sherman Surveys His Collie-dom
Side View
Dog Speed,


Friday, December 6, 2013

Tearing Down The Deck

Well folks Dad is busy doing his Christmas baking, then it will Essexmas Cards.  In the middle of all this he is having the deck in the back having new wood put on it. 

Last Sunday, three guys came over and ripped all the wood off the top.  Then they carted it all away.  This coming Sunday, we should have all the wood placed back on top of it.  It should make for a pawsome place to survey my kingdom. 
The Deck Has Seen Better Days
A Side View
A Skeleton Deck
The Deck Wood in the Sand - A Pool Was There
Dad is getting the back yard in shape.  In November the metal frame from the pool that blew out when Great Auntie Essex and Uncle Deacon were around departed our yard.  Sometime in the spring we will have grass put in the back.  Dog Dad is telling me how well I walk on the leash, except for the spot where me and a boxer bark like luna-pups at each other.  The house is pretty quiet now, as I don't bark very much, except at the park.  Great Auntie Essex is missed as she was a pawsome Watch Dog.  Fortunately, Dog Dad and I keep each other company.
Things are getting done around the house.