Thursday, December 31, 2009

Essex's Sixth Bark-Aversary

Dad and his brudder Steve wished me "Happy Bark-Aversary." It is hard to believe I have spent six years with Dad. We got plenty of treats and strokes. I sure like being with this pack. Deacon and I went out to enjoy the sunshine and having Dad home for the day.

31 DEC 2009 - Deacon & Essex

The house is still being painted and we got to talk to several people at the chat room early this morning. It was hard to believe it was already 2010 in Australia. We hope to see some of our cyber-paw pals in the chat room tonight.

The best part of Bark-Aversaries is the chance to share some old pictures with my cyber pals.

Dog Speed,


January 2004 - Chewing a coconut

February 2004 - My Vogue Cover Shot Look
April 2004 - First Bath

April 2004 - Chewing on a Bone

Friday, December 25, 2009

Essexmas 2009

To all of our cyber-paw pals, merry Essexmas. We have been busy entertaining Dad's brudder, Stevie-grrrr-Wonder. Then some painting and Essexmas cookies. The puter has been acting up, so Dad has a new one on order.

Could you say no to these eyes?
Dad went across the street for the Essexmas Eve Pig Roast. He didn't bring us back any thing to eat though. Today we went to our friend Kay & Bill's house. We enjoy being around both of them. While we got plenty of treats, we were mostly happy because we were with Dad & his brudder. Santa Paws left us Reindog Antlers and plenty of treats.
I still say that I'm better looking!

Santa Paws, we want to be your Reindogs

Hope all of you had a pawsome Essexmas.
Dog Speed,
Essex & Deacon

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Ohio Paw-to-graphs

We arrived home safe and sound. Dad is a bit tired and will be going through the mail tomorrow. As promised here are paw-to-graphs from our trip to Ohio.
Essex & Deacon
Together at Clyde's house
Aunt Marge listens to Grand-Paw talk
Aunt Becky flirts with Deacon
Grand-Paws 91st Barkday Cake
Aunt Becky shows Grand-Paw a paw-to-graph
Essex chilling out in the snow
Deacon play bows.
These two kittens saw Dog Dad at Grand Paws house
Cassie is recovery from surgery is going well
Hattie gives Dog Dad a smile

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Heading Back

We will start are return trip to Florida today. Our trip back to Northern Ohio was fun even though we didn't get to play with Hattie & Cassie. We hope Cassie gets better soon. We will miss Rosie the cat, who is hiding somewhere in the house. Imagine she will enjoy having the house all to her paw-self. The cool weather was a joy, it just doesn't happen in Key West. The Thanksgiving Turkey was deee-licious and Deacon was really going nutz over it.

Our first stop will be Cincinnati, Ohio for an overnight visit with Clyde. We all love playing with Clyde. We can't wait to see our beloved Angel Paws and rest our heads at home.

Dog Speed,

Essex & Deacon