Saturday, July 21, 2012

A Lazy July Day

We have been getting our share of rain.  We wish we could sent that to the states that are in drought to help them out.  It has been hot and humid too.  That means we have been spending time enjoying the air conditioning. 

Dad has been trying to clean up the house and to our amazement, suceeding.  An article he read suggested to use a system, and it suggested cleaning left to right.  He did that in the kitchen and we can see our countertops, and that has been true for two weeks.  Next came the living room, it looks a lot better.

Our friends at the "Collies of the Meadow" awarded us "The Very Inspired Blogger Award."  Given the summer heat and humidity, we think it should have been the very perspired blogger.   We would like to give the award to:
  1 - Reilly & Denny
  2 - Katie and her Mum Dawn King
  3 - Jan's Funny Farm
  4 - Duffy at Collies and Life

Lastly, we regret to say we are going to word verification for awhile.  A spammer decided to keep leaving stuff behind.  We were getting maybe twenty spam emails and posts a day.  It was driving Dad's nutz.  Hopefully, we can return to normal after a month or two.

Dog Speed,

Essex & Sherman

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A Wet Fourth of July

We hope everyone has a pawsome 4th of July.  We have heard some fire works but not much tonight.  Both Essex and Sherman are close to Dad.  They do not freak out, but they don't care for the sound of fireworks.  In Key West, we have rain and thunder storms. 

We didn't get to go to Angel Paws.  It rained and there were some big streaks of lightening dancing across the skies.  We don't want to go outside and become lightening rods.  Sigh, just enough time to relieve ourselves.  Sigh, there is always tomorrow. 

We did get to see lots of Dad though, which met plenty of petting and ear scratches.

Dog Speed,

Essex & Sherman