Friday, December 31, 2010

Essex's Seventh Barkaversary

Today is Essex's seventh barkaversary with Dog Dad. Dad got up early in the morning for our walk and sang Happy Barkaversary to her. It is hard to believe seven years ago today Dad drove up north to Holmhaven and picked up his best chum. In celebration of the Barkaversary we got some cheddar cheese and played a bit with Dad. Then he took a nap.

Our Neighbor Kylie Kylie and Deacon

We wanted to share some pictures of our Friend Kylie who lives next door. She isn't quite a year yet and is a small sable and white collie girl. Her Dog Mom is here for only a short while before moving to Japan. We sure like her and Dog Dad sneaks her treats sometimes.

With Our Essexmas Gifts
Deacon gets comfortable

With all this excitement we are ready to take a nap.

Dog Speed,

Essex & Deacon

Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy Collie Days - 2010

We wish all of cyber-paw pals a very merry Essexmas. We hope that Santa Paws brings you extra special dog treats and plenty of things you love. Maybe a golf cart to chase or a squirrel to catch.

Our Dad's brudder Stevie Grrrr-Wonder is visiting us and escaping the snow in Ohio. Why any paw would like to escape snow we don't know. We love playing in the snow and flipping it off our nose.

Dad has promised to make cheddar collies and peanut butter labs. Those are pawsome dog treats. Stay safe and may the Great Dane look over you.

Until tomorrow, Happy Colliedays to all. See you tomorrow.

Essex, Deacon & Dog Dad too.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

We're Back

Thank dogness, we are back after a long absence from cyber-paw space. First our old puter decides to go four paws to the wind. Then we decide to up grade to cable and figure Dad can handle the self install. Arrrrrggggg, no such luck. It was modem doesn't work, get a new modem. That one doesn't work set up an appointment to get hooooman to get it installed.

Well, the installer guy comes to our house. He has problems too. The modem didn't seem to be working right, so he uses one he brought. Still no signal. He asks Dad if he can drill a hole in the wall to run a new connection. Dad says that is okay with him. Now our house was built in 1970, so it is out of tough concrete blocks. The drill he brought has problems, so he has to go to the office and get a new one (BOL). The hole is in the wall, new wire spliced in and still there is a problem. He has to get his tall ladder, go up the telephone pole and replace the line to the house. After all that Dog Dad gave a sigh of relief because the puter is back up, and it was technical issues that prevented him from installing it himself.

In the meanwhile, we missed reading all of your posts and there were a number of things that we wanted to bog on too. Like the crossing the rainbow bridge by our DWB friend Snowball and our good dog friend Lucy in Valdosta, Georgia. Then there was Veterans Day, Thanksgiving and the 35th Anniversary of the sinking of the Edmond Fitzgerald. Then we have a new Dog Friend next door.

Alas, life goes on and we are happy to be back.

Essex & Deacon