Sunday, March 29, 2020

29 March 2020

We just wanted to drop a line that Dad and I are doing okay.

My friend McGee left Key West early and is back home.  He is enjoying the cooler weather and happy to be home. 
I miss my good chum McGee, but I'm happy his pack arrived home safely. 

It has been over a week since I've gotten to go to Angel Paws.  Plenty of walks though.

Dog Speed,


Saturday, March 21, 2020

Our Pal Aspen E-Barks From Georgia

Our pal Aspen and his hoomans e-barked us.  His hooman likes where she is living.  The below pawtograph was taken in February on a snow day.  I've never been around snow, but Uncle Sherman told me it was pawsome.
Aspen Enjoying Snow 

We are doing well.  Dad still has to go to work, but his work hours will be reduced.  So I will get to see him more.

Dad and I are praying that everypaw stays safe during these trying times.  Life has changed for so many hoomans.  Remind your hoomans to wash their front paws.

Dog Speed,


Monday, March 9, 2020

My Pal Gracie Crosses The Rainbow Bridge

We knew the time was coming, but we are still sad.  Today 9 March 2020 Gracie crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  I never met Gracie, but Uncle Sherman told me about her.  She was a grrrreat collie.  As of late Gracie was having a rough go of it.  She was spending hours standing and seemed lost or in to much pain to sit or lay down.  She had dropped quite a bit of weight too.  Her hooman had to make the tough decision, just like we did fur Sherman.
Gracie Has Crossed The Rainbow Bridge
Bark Aversary and Bark Day Pawtographs
She came to live with her hooman in 2013.  We know her hooman misses her.  Gracie had adventures and a hooman that loved her.  That is most important thing fur a pup.  We are sure she is having a good time with Lady I, Lady II, Essex, Deacon and Sherman. 
2015 - Sherman, Gracie and Loki
2015 - Gracie At Angel Paws
Loki Guards the Door, Gracie and Sherman Share the Dog Bed
Dog Speed Gracie,


Sunday, March 8, 2020

Islay - Celebrates Mums Barkday

Cyber paw pals, we got a note from Jolly Old England Friday.  Our collie pal Islay wanted to tell us he was doing well.  Here he is with his Mum, celebrating her barkday.  

When we first met his Mum, she had a pawsome Sheltie girl named Charlie.  Charlie was realy good friends with Deacon and Essex and lived in Oz (Australia).  Many dog moons ago Charlie crossed the rainbow bridge and joined her brudder Higgins.  
Islay and His Mum
The hooman pack moved to England and an awsome collie boy named Islay adopted them.  We are happy the hoomans have Islay to watch over them.  We loved hearing from them.

Dog Speed,


Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Connecticut Relatives

I got an e-bark from for year old Loki, who is Gemini's sable brother from a different litter.  The one ear up and one down make Loki look like a trickster and sets him apart.  Then there is Gemini's three year old niece Raven.  Gemini's pawther Ramses is Raven's Grand Paw and her dad is Pal.  Loki is four years old and Raven is three.  They are two pawsome looking pups.  Their pack moved from Florida to Connecticut a few years ago.  We are always happy to hear from other Holmhaven Collie relatives or friends we met at Angel Paws. 
Raven and Loki (love the ears)
Loki and Raven
The two collies' hoomans have been reading the Key West Collie blog since the days of Essex and Deacon.  This left dad stunned.  You see he doesn't write to attract followers, he writes the blog fur himself.  If people enjoy it that is okay but he doesn't see many comments since the long ago time of Dogs With Blogs.  His blog helps him remember the good, bad, happy, sad times with his collies.  The hoomans wanted to let us know that we are in their prayers.  Our breeder Mom let them know we are waiting on a sable male to be born.  Hopefully that will happen late spring.  

Dog Speed,

Gemini & Dog Dad

Sunday, March 1, 2020


On 17 February a new pup came to live with Dad's sister in Cincinnati.  The pup name is Rocky.  Rocky has big paws to fill, as Clyde was a pawsome dog and expert shrew hunter.

Rocky is a husky and from what we were told he is low energy dog.  We didn't know that such a thing existed.  We are happy fur Dad's sisters.  As we have said before the only thing worse than losing a pup is not having one in your life.

I am looking forward to meeting Rocky..

Dog Speed,