Sunday, April 30, 2017


We've tried to get Dad on to post, but there wasn't much going on at Angel Paws and work has kept Dad busy.

We had a pawsome Easter and didn't have to wear the bunny ears this year.  Gemini did a pawsome job of hiding them.
Skye's Urn
On 20 April our good friend and chat room buddy Skye crossed the rainbow bridge.  We can imagine Skye wandering over to talk to angel dogs Essex and Deacon.  They are all watching over their packs.  Skye made it to her 14th Barkday and was about six months older than Essex.  Skye loved to run and pull the sled.  She had lots of fun introducing herself to children.

Then came the NFL draft.  We watched excitedly as the Browns draft players. Unlike many years, we are starting to feel some amount of hope.

Our pal Navy is traveling North.  Going to Nebraska than to Bar Harbor, Maine.  He will enjoy the cooler weather.  Navy will return to Key West in October.

Today during morning chat, Gemini came into the computer room and nudged Dad.  Dad figured she wanted to go outside.  Dad got distracted and didn't turn down the heat on the percolator.  Dad took the percolator off the stove ran some water on it.  The stove is okay, but the plastic basket to hold the grounds melted.  Dad gave Gemini a hug and treat for looking out for the pack.

Sherman's fur is growing back on his leg.  Several more weeks and you want be able to tell it was shaved.

Dog Speed,

Sherman and Gemini