Thursday, August 27, 2020

27 August - Normandy First Visit To Angel Paws

We've been busy since we last posted.  Dad was with us Monday.  We were waiting for Tropical Storm Laura to pass us.  That evil tropical storm was just some wind and a little rain here.  We pray that the good folks in Louisiana recover from the storm today.  Then Wednesday, Norm had his vet visit for his final puppy shots.  Those shots made it okay for us to go to Angel Paws today.  

Norm was a happy pup at Angel Paws.  There were six other pups there and Norm was a happy collie.  He didn't mind the other pups and was happy to play.  Norm is outgoing and confident.  He likes both people and other dogs.  Here are pawtographs from Norms first visit to Angel Paws.

Dog Speed,

Gemini & Normandy

Sunday, August 23, 2020

Normandy Is Growing Fast

Normandy is growing fast.  His legs are getting longer, he can rest his head on the couch.  Gemini & Normandy are best pals.  Gemini was having soft poo, so Dad took a sample in.  Results were negative, the cause was probably from Gemini eating Norm's puppy chow.
8 August - Back From Our Walk
On 15 August we to the vets to get weighed at the vets.  Gemini whined while Norm was getting weighed.  Norm weighed 22 lbs, so he has went from a quarter pill to a half pill for his daily heart worm medicine.  Later that day he got his first bath and Norm was not happy.  Dad told him, if you roll in Gemini's soft poo, you are getting a bath. 
First Bath For Normandy
Dad saw us resting together on 21 August and had to take a pawtograph.   We like being around each other. 
We've Bonded - Look How Long Norm's Legs Are
Auntie Gem Makes A Grrreat Pillow
Then on 22 August a special visitor stopped by in Key West.  Gemini was just a puppy when she last saw Bodie's and Chloe's hoooman.  She remembered though.  There was a great waggy tail nad collie kisses.  Plenty of barking too.  It amazes Dad how collies remember things. 
Gemini, Normandy & Joe P.
A Happy Gemini With A Good Friend
Tropical Storm Laura looks like it will not be a serious issue.  We've been watching the storm track for several days.  We are staying here in our home and will post more tomorrow, dog willing.

Dog Speed,

Gemini & Normandy

Saturday, August 8, 2020

7 August Was Sherman's Gotcha Day

Sherman may be gone, but he is not forgotten.  7 August 2011, Great Uncle Sherman came to join the pack after the tragic crossing of Great Great Uncle Deacon.  Sherman was a pawsome boy that taught Auntie Gemini the way of the collies.  Auntie Gemini is now teaching me.  As you can see from the pawtographs below, Great Uncle Sherman looks a lot like me as a puppy.
Great Uncle Sherman & Essex On His Gotcha Day  
Sherman Was A Handsome Lad
Sherman Coming To Key West Notice The Green Leash
Here are some Pawtographs of me, Normandy coming to Key West.  That is the same green leash that Dad used on Sherman's Gotcha Day.  I've enjoyed my time here with Auntie Gemini.  Dad said it is hard to tell the difference between me and Great Great Uncle Sherman.  The fact the white on my legs go so far up is a give away.
Gemini & Normandy, Notice The Green Leash
Normandy Sleeping At Holmhaven
I am happy with my pack here, and I know that I am loved.  Plus it is nice that Dad remembers the collies that came before and tells of their adventures.  I know that Essex, Deacon and Sherman are looking over the pack.

Dog Speed,


Thursday, August 6, 2020

Normandy Update

Well folks, the two of us are best of pals.  We play inside and outside.  If Auntie Gem needs a break, she will let me know.  We thought you would enjoy some of pawtographs of Normandy.  Dad still gives Gemini plenty of loving.

Norm With A Fish Toy From Vet Visit

I Wonder What Real Fish Taste Like 

31 July - Sharing A Bed
02 August - Norm Under The Bed
04 August - Norm Sure Has Grown
Dog Speed,

Gemini and Normandy