Thursday, May 27, 2021

10 Years Since Deacon Crossed

 Dad is wistful today.  Ten years ago today Great Uncle Deacon crossed the rainbow bridge at far to young an age.  Deacon was a friendly outgoing pup.  Dad loved to watch Deacon and Essex play, just like he loved watching the two of us.We listened to Dog Dad ramble on about the big guy.  After Dad was done talking we got a treat.  

Deacon and Essex Playing 
Deacon Being Silly
We did our best to keep Dad from dwelling on ten years ago.  He smiled at us as we went to Angel Paws.  Before we got out of the car when we got back home, Dad kissed us both on the nose.  Silly Hooman.

Dog Speed,

Gemini & Normandy

Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Angel Paws and Hoppy

Hope everypaw is doing well in cyber-paw land. We are bit excited because they are putting in a new structure at Angel Paws. Something that will give us some cover from the rain. They brought in the structure on Monday and fenced off that area of Angel Paws. On Tuesday they did some more work. Today the structure was up but Dad furgot to take a pawtograph. Sigh. We'll have Dad post pawtographs of the structure soon.

An new friend has been staying on the roof of our house. Dad noticed a pigeon about three weeks ago on our roof. Last Friday we noticed him hopping around the roof. We pointed out to Dad, he only had one leg and that his name was Hoppy. Hoppy is mostly all by himself on our roof, while the other pigeons are hanging on wires or tree branches. We like having Hoppy around. He has given us a few messages from the Great Dane.  Great Great Auntie Essex received messages from the Great Dave from birds.

Dog Speed,

Gemini and Normandy

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Normandy's First Barkday

Dear Cyber Paw Pals,

My hooman is nutty.  When he woke up, he sang "Happy Barkday" to me.  Auntie Gem told me that Dad does that on our barkday.  We went out for our morning walk.  Next Dad got ready for work.  He gave us our heartworm pill, an extra treat  and then a small piece of cheese before leaving.

When he got back we got a treat and another piece of cheese.  Then some petting and hugging.  We later went out to Angel Paws Dog Park.  We didn't see any of our friends today.  Gemini and I are glad I am over kennel cough and are going to the park again.

My First Pawtograph With My Mom (Shannon)

Dad got out my first pawtograph and told me how much I had grown.  I smiled and gave Auntie Gem a playful tug.  I am looking forward to spending many years with my pack.

Dog Speed,

Normandy (AKA Norm)