Saturday, September 26, 2015

Alyx - Cyber Paw Relative

One thing we love about our blog is when we hear from our relatives.  Just recently were heard from Alyx in Jacksonville, Florida.  Alyx returned to Holmhave before finding her furever home.  That story is similar to our Angel Collie, Deacon.  Alyx returned to Holmhaven at the tender age of 10 months old.  You know Dog Dad went on about how Deacon came to live with him.
Alyx Resting At Home 
Alyx and Two of Her Hoomans
Another neat thing is that Alyx is the sister of our pal Brave Star (aka Buddy).  They are both Yule Collies born on 26 December 2013.  Alyx lives with a Yorkie, while Brave Star's family includes cats.  The most important thing is both of them are loved.  Brave Star was the subject of several posts and Brave Star e-barks us every now and then.
Puppy Picture of Brave Star
We hope to hear more from Alyx, and we are trying to convince Dog Dad that our next trip to Ohio, should detour towards Jacksonville, so we can visit  collie relatives.  That trip won't be for quite some time though.

Dog Speed,

Sherman & Gemini

Thursday, September 24, 2015

24 September - Our Yard

We are getting along fine and started playing with each other about a week ago.  Yesterday, Sherman initiated the play for the first time  Dog Dad was howling, while we chased each other around the yard.  He just loves watching us play outside.  Then of course Dog Dad loves the simple things in life.
Running With The Big Dog
I'll Catch You Sherman
Sherman Gives Gemini a Tour of the Yard
Palm Frond Inventory
The best part of checking of the yard, playing and helping Dog Dad around the yard.  Well, that is coming back inside and enjoying the air conditioning.
Taking It Easy Inside
Dog Speed,

Sherman & Gemini

Thursday, September 17, 2015

17 September - Pawtographs

Harrrooo folks,

All is going well at our house.  I am growing and having lots of fun.  I continue to wake Dad up when I have to use the great outdoors, which really amazes Dad.  I have a vet visit tomorrow.  Sherman told me that it is typical for puppies to get lots of vet visits.  Sherman will go with me for moral support.  I just wanted to share some pawtographs of me playing with one of the stuffed animals that has been around since Sherman was a pup..  

After a busy day, what does a little collie lass and her big brudder do?  Why we take a nap of course. 
Gemini Resting
Sherman Sleeping, Paws Under The Rug
Dog Speed,


Sunday, September 13, 2015

Gemini Surprises Dad

I continue to surprise Dog Dad.  I had been whining so much when I was crated at night, that he decided to let me sleep on the dog bed at the foot of his bed.  When I got on the bed, Dad would close the bedroom door.  He figured that he would crate train me at night at a later date.  I am okay if he crates me and leaves, but I don’t like being crated when he is home.  Sherman has the choice to come in the room or stand guard outside the door.
Dad Wake Up, I Have To Go Outside
This morning I felt the urge to go to outside.  Dad was sleeping, so I quickly came up with a plan.  I stood up on my bed, put my front paws on the foot of his bed and barked.  Dog Dad woke up, looked at the clock, 5:23 AM, and said “You need to go out girl?”  He got on his gym shorts and took me outside, where I did my duty.   He was so proud of me.  With that little event, I may have escaped being crated at night.

Then Dog Dad fixed my morning meal and started putting on Sherman’s leash.  I stood by him and sat down, so he knew I wanted to go too.  He smiled and shook his head no.  Sherman and Dog Dad went for a walk, while I ate.  When they got back he took me and Sherman for a walk around the block.
Inside The Colliemobile
I See Adventures In My Life
On Friday, I got a glimpse of Angel Paws.  I didn't go potty, so Dad put me in the Collie Mobile and I got to travel to the park.  Sherman got to go in the park and I got to walk outside.  After about five minutes, I did my duty.  Dad told me no park until I get older, sigh.   I barked at the other pups and play bowed from the other side of the fence..

Dog Speed,


Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Gemini Had a Pawsome Vet Visit

Sherman accompanied Gemini on her first vet visit in Key West on Tuesday.  Sherman told her all about his first visit and how Essex provided moral support.  So Gemini stayed calm during her visit.  She is doing fine and weighed 13 lbs.  All the staffed was smitten with her.  Seems that happens with all the collies.  Doc stated he remembers those visits because there are so few collies.  
Sherman Are You Sure Vets Are Nice? 
Doc Waddell Is Pawsome, Don't Worry
Dad talked to Gemini on how Doc Waddell has seen all of the collies that have lived with them.  Those thoughts made him smile.  My coming along and reassuring Gemini helped her stay calm.  Her tail started wagging in no time.  
Time For a Nap --- Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
For the most part Dad will be off work, though there are several days he is working a half day during the month.  He figured it was important to spend time with Gemini and me.

Dog Speed,


Sunday, September 6, 2015

Of Key West and Litter Mates

I am doing pawsome in Key West.  Uncle Sherman gets grumpy every once in a while, but he is pretty good with me.  Dad thinks it will be better when I grow up.  I have taken over Uncle Sherman's bed when he lets me, so Dad promised Sherman we would get two more.  Sherman and I spent some time planning underneath the dining room table (aka Fort Essex) today.  The first night at home, Dad didn't close the kennel all the way.  Dad was waking up and heard a noise, the patter of collie paws and saw a black shape cross in front of the bed as I escaped.  He laughed and took me outside for a potty break.
Harrrooo, I'm Gemini
Sherman, Your Bed is My Bed Too
Floor or Rug, Let's Split the Difference 
Gemini and Sherman Under Fort Essex
I received an e-bark from cousin Magnum.  He was borne a day before me.  Hopefully we will get together with him next May.  While we were at Holmhaven Dad took some pictures of cousin Scout,  sister Shannon and brother Remington (Remy).  Strangely enough the lady Remington has adopted was adopted by Essex's late brother Buddy.  Guess collies know good hoomans.  We sure hope Remy e-barks us as he Remy grows.
Brudder Remy - Great Great Auntie Essex Met His Mom
Sister Shannon is Staying at Holmhaven
Cousin Magnum E-Barked Us From His Home
Cousin Scout Resting
Dog Speed,


Friday, September 4, 2015

Gemini Comes Home

Harrooo cyber-paw folks, I'm Gemini and I have arrived in Key West.  I am happy to be here with Uncle Sherman and Dog Dad.  I was really happy to see the two of them arrive at Holmhaven.  The drive to my new home was pretty uneventful, except for the fact I threw up.  He it is the first time I had a long ride in a vehicle.  

Below are some pawtographs from our busy day.  I will post some pawtographs of some of my siblings and cousins Sunday.  It was a day of high adventure.  My first long trip in a vehicle, leaving my siblings, exploring my new home and yard.  Following Uncle Sherman around.
Sherman and Gemini at Holmhaven
Riding the Colliemobile to Key West
Sherman and Gemini Take It Easy
At My First Rest Stop
Uncle Sherman Explains the House Rules
Exploring My Yard

My First Meal at Home
Dog Speed,


Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Two More Nights

Well cyber-paw pals I have two more nights before Gemini arrives at our house.  The plan right now is to bring Gemini home this Friday and for her to visit the vet Tuesday.  I know a lot of paws want to meet her and I am looking forward to having some paw to play doggie games with.  

I intend to make sure that Dad takes a lot of puppy pawtographs.  Life will definitely be interesting around our home.  
Trying to Bark Some Rain to Ruby and Otto
My cyber-paw pals Ruby and Otto asked me to try and bark some rain their way.  So I barked away and in hopes of sending some rain clouds there way.

Dog Speed,