Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day 2013

We hope every paw is having a great Memorial Day.  Dad was busy trimming the umbrella trees this morning.   Something about trimming them away from the house for herricane season. 

We want to wish the current and future veterans out the best.  We appreciate all that you have done and sacrificed for the country. 

Miss You Deacon
As for us, this Memorial Day is bitter sweet.  Two years ago today our beloved Deacon crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  Dad will always miss the "Collie Ambassador."  Dad is happy to have the two of us around.  Both of us are doing fine and keep him busy. 

Dog Speed,

Essex & Sherman

Saturday, May 25, 2013

X-Ray Results

We cyber-paw pals the results of my x-rays are in.  I have calcium build ups in spots in the rear leg.  Essentially bone spurs for dogs.  Doc was mentioning old injuries maybe not healing up.  Dad was thinking of me on fence patrol, running, barking, bouncing, making screeching stops, turning on a dime.  That probably put stress on my bones, but I do love fence patrol

Dad wand Doc looked at the x-rays.  Doc explained there was no fractures or hip dysplasia, sigh that is a relief.  The Doc mentioned there was no cancer, bowsers we never even thought about cancer.

In thinking it over Dad figured he will keep me on zoom and give the pill sparingly.  We could do surgery, but there is never any guarantees with that.  So Dad will keep an eye on me and give me hugs.

Dog Speed,


Friday, May 24, 2013

Cleveland, 23 MAY 1901

No results yet about the x-ray.  When Dad called our Vet, he had already left for the day. 

Then we had to delay posting because our puter caught a virus.  Sigh.

Today we went on a trip in the WABAC machine to 1901.  The place Cleveland, Ohio.  When we got out we noticed there were no cars, lots of horses and horse apples.  We walked towards the baseball field and heard people muttering about how the team lost that one.
League Park, Cleveland, Ohio Circa 1905
from Wikipedia
As we sneak into the stadium we see that the Cleveland team is behind 13-5 and there are two outs and nobody is on base.  We look at Dad wondering why we are here.  He smiles back at us.  Up to plate steps the left fielder, a single to right, then another single.   As we watch in amazement, Cleveland strings together eight hits, a hit-batter, a walk and a passed ball.  The final score 14-13 Cleveland.  We have witnessed the greatest comeback in baseball history.  Never since has a team come from so far behind with nobody on and two outs.  We are stunned.

Dad looks at us and says "Perhaps this is why people from Cleveland don't give up so easily.   This event taught them to keep plugging away."  You know cyber-paw pals, he may just be right.
Dog Speed,

Essex & Sherman

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Waiting For an Answer

Harrr-rooo Cyber Paw Pals,

I am back home from the Vet.  We are waiting for an answer.  Doc is sending my x-rays out to a specialist.  Hopefully we will hear something later today or tomorrow.
Essex Outside the Vets
When Dad came to pick me up, they told him that I didn't need any sedatives.  He smiled at me and said what a calm good collie I was.  Everypaw agreed with him.  When he bent down, I gave him a quick kiss.  I didn't want to embarrass him in front of everypaw.  On the way back home, he told me how proud he was of me.  Lucky I have fur, so he couldn't see me blush.

When we got home, Sherman came over quickly to greet me and tell me how much he missed me.  Then we got all my morning treats that we missed this morning.  I was on a no food or water after midnight just in case they had to sedate me.  Unless a golf cart, bicycle or fence patrol is involved, I am one cool collie.

Dad promised us a trip in the WABAC machine tomorrow.  We are going to Cleveland, Ohio.  Wonder what we are going to see.

Dog Speed,


Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Secretary of Da Fence Returns

Well folks, Saturday I returned to Angel Paws Dog Park.  It felt pawtastic.  I started barking in the car about mile away from the park.  Dad just smiled.  I was excited to get out and check out my fence.  It was a pawsome feeling. 
Essex, "The Secretary of Da Fence" Returns
Dad told me that I looked a lot better moving around.  He had a hard time noticing any limp.  The pills, Zoom and rest must have helped me heal. 
Checking Out the Fence
When we got to the park I sniffed around.  I noted that Sherman had not tried to do any fence patrol while I was on convalescent leave.  Ten minutes later, I notice a bicycle coming our way.  I bounced Sherman good.  I had to remind him who was in charge. 
One Happy Essex
Dad said he could see me smile and that I was happy.

Tomorrow, Dad is taking me in for x-rays.  Even though I am moving around much better, he wants to check out this recurring injury.  More tomorrow when we get the results.

Dog Speed,

Essex, The Secretary of Da Fence

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mad at Dad

It just isn't fair and I want to file an official protest.  Sherman gets to go the dog park the last five days, while I am stuck at home.  Dad told me that I am on convalescent leave from Angel Paws.  I know Sherman and his rowdy friends are not keeping Angel Paws safe.  They are just to busy playing.  Arggggg.

Please let Dad know this is cruel and unusual punishment.  The Secretary of Da Fence, Essex, has a very important job to do.  If I have to stay home, then Sherman should stay right here with me.

The aggrieved pawty,

Essex S. Collie


Essex has been limping off and on since late November, when she was broadsided at Angel Paws.  She would seem to heal, then she would be gimpy again.  We saw the vet a week ago and got some pills to help with the occasional swelling.  The Doc told me to give her some Zoom.  I decided it was time to give her a week away from Angel Paws.  I hate leaving her at home, but by the Great Dane, she needs the rest.  Plan is two more days away from the park and x-rays next Wednesday.  In the five days away from the park, she seems to be getting stronger and quicker during our morning walks.

Sorry Essex, but I am staying firm on this one, even if you give me the sad puppy dog eyes look.

Dog Dad

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mutter's Day - 2013

To all the Mutters out there, we wish you Happy Mutter's Day.  Over here Dad is thinking of Grand Maw and we are taking it easy.

It is a day of  laundry and cleaning the house.  If Grand Maw was still alive, Dog Dad would be  on the phone today.

Have a blessed and safe Mutter's Day,

Essex & Sherman

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Green Spots

Hope every paw is doing fine.  Things have been going okay here.  Essex had Dad laughing the other day because she had little green seeds of the weed on her face. 
Seeds of the Weed
Dad got some pills for Essex.  She had swelling around her right rear paw and a slight limp.  We got some pills from the vet and she is doing fine.  We will probably get an x-ray next week.

Things have been slow at the park.  About half the time no-paw is at the park.  So Sherman has been a bit bored.  We hope all of you are doing well.

Dog Speed,

Essex & Sherman