Sunday, May 31, 2020

Puppies At Two Weeks

Bowsers, the puppies are growing quickly.  Dad said that life is interesting when there is a puppy around.  I will once again enjoy having someone to have adventures with.  
Normandy & Other Collie Puppies
More Puppies
And More Puppies
Cousins Magnum & Samson ebarked me that they were excited that another collie would be coming to live with me.   They sent a photo of both of them with my sister Shannon at Holmhaven.  Hopefully one of these days our packs can get together.  Seems like life keeps getting in the way, be it weddings, screwworms or pandemics.  
Shannon, Magnum and Samson At Holmhaven (March 2016)
Dog Speed,


Saturday, May 30, 2020

Sad News From McGee's Pack

Dear cyber-paw pals, it with a sad heart that we have to report that one of our pal McGee's hoomans has crossed the rainbow bridge on 26 May.  We found out about the crossing yesterday and were quite stunned by it.  McGee's hooman, John, seemed in good health when they departed Key West for Ohio in late March.  We received a report that John wasn't feeling well and reports from the hospital on 24 May were not good.
Our Pal John With Maggie The White Collie
We know our pal McGee has a lot on his hand taking care of his other hooman, Jan.  Heaven has gained a pawsome hooman.  Maggie was one of the collies that lived with Jan and John.  We are sure Maggie and all his other pups were dancing around him when he crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  Essex, Deacon and Sherman greeted him as well.  A friend to one collie is a friend of all collies.

Dog Speed dear friend,

Gemini & Dog Dad

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

27 May 2020 - Return to Angel Paws and Remembering Deacon

After a pawternity, we finally returned to Angel Paws today.  I whined a little as we got close.  Once I was in, I went exploring sniffing familiar smells and places.  There was a happy step in my gate upon our return.  Walks are nice but the freedom of the park is even better.
Gemini Enjoys the Return to Angel Paws
Checking Out the Smells at Angel Paws
One of the reasons Dad wanted to go today was to remember Great Uncle Deacon.  Deacon crossed the rainbow bridge nine years ago today.  Dad said he crossed the bridge far to soon and what told me what Deacon was like.  Deacon loved everyone and liked to say hello to all the hoomans.  We enjoyed the park for about a half hour and then mosquitoes chased us away.  Dad told me there are plenty of good memories of Essex, Deacon and Sherman at Angel Paws.  There are lots of memories of me too, and we are looking forward to future memories of Normandy when he joins the pack in a couple months. 
Great Uncle Deacon at Angel Paws
Dog Speed,


Sunday, May 24, 2020

Rainy Day and Puppies At One Week

Well, cyber-paw pals our morning walk was raining.  After our walk, I was wet.  Dad took a pawtograph, then dried me off with a towel.  It is supposed to rain for most of week.  Things will be growing and we need the rain.
Raindrops Sparkle Off Gemini's Coat
Lil, ebarked us some puppy picks too.  They are sure getting big at week old.  I can't wait to have somepaw to play collie games with.
Puppies - Normandy One Of The Three Sables 
More Puppies
Star With Even More Puppies

Dog Speed,


Saturday, May 16, 2020

Normandy Is Born

Dad relayed to me that a brother will be arriving in a couple months.  Both Dad and I are doing a happy dance.  Lil at Holmhaven Collies  e-barked us to say that Shannon (my sister) and Star had puppies.  There were six sable females, seven sable males, two tri-color females and four tri-color males born between the two Moms. 

We decided to name my younger brother Normandy.  We will call  him Norm for short.  We will get one of sister Shannon's sons.  It will be so pawtastic to have somebody to play collie games with.   Dad is so happy he will probably have problems sleeping.  Below are the pawtographs we received from Holmhaven today.
Sister Shannon's Puppies - We Count 7
Star's Puppies - We Count 7
More Puppies - We Count 5
Dog Speed,

Gemini & Dog Dad

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

13 May 2020

We finally got some rain yesterday.  It has been pretty dry lately.  Today was a nice day.  Dad is telling me we should be getting some good news soon.  I wonder if we will be going to Angel Paws soon, that would be good news.  I like walkies, but I much rather be sniffing around Angel Paws.  If it isn't going to Angel Paws,  I wonder what it could be.

Dog Speed,


Sunday, May 10, 2020

Happu Mutter's Day 2020

I want to wish a Happy Mutter's Day to all of you out in cyber-paw land.  Today I am thinking about my Mutter Star.  Things are going well in Key West.  We got some much needed rain, so hopefully the grass will be greener.
Star - Gemini's Mutter
Things have been quiet and hopefully I can visit Angel Paws soon.  There are not to many adventures when you go out for walks.

Dog Speed,


Friday, May 1, 2020

1 May 2020

Cyber-Paw Pals,

Dad has been getting wistful on me with all this self isolation.  Today he is thinking about his pawrents..  Today would be their 73rd wedding anniversary.  It took Dad furever to remember their anniversary.  The family celebrated barkdays, Essex-mas and Easter, but their anniversary was not a major event growing up. 
Dad's Pawrents Wedding Day
Some how he normally called home, and his mom would remind him at the end of the call or in a letter later on.  After awhile he remembered the date.  They taught him a lot and he misses them both.

Now he talks to me.  I don't have the advice to give him.  I told him there is just a cold wet nose, a wet tongue and a waggy tail that I can give.  Dad smiled and told me that is more than enough.

Dog Speed,