Saturday, May 30, 2020

Sad News From McGee's Pack

Dear cyber-paw pals, it with a sad heart that we have to report that one of our pal McGee's hoomans has crossed the rainbow bridge on 26 May.  We found out about the crossing yesterday and were quite stunned by it.  McGee's hooman, John, seemed in good health when they departed Key West for Ohio in late March.  We received a report that John wasn't feeling well and reports from the hospital on 24 May were not good.
Our Pal John With Maggie The White Collie
We know our pal McGee has a lot on his hand taking care of his other hooman, Jan.  Heaven has gained a pawsome hooman.  Maggie was one of the collies that lived with Jan and John.  We are sure Maggie and all his other pups were dancing around him when he crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  Essex, Deacon and Sherman greeted him as well.  A friend to one collie is a friend of all collies.

Dog Speed dear friend,

Gemini & Dog Dad

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