Sunday, August 28, 2016

Storms, Mosquitoes and Crocodiles

This is a week of too much to worry about.

First there was Invest 99L, which is now Tropical Depression Nine.  Was it going to become a herricane?  We were worried Wednesday through Friday last week and we helped Dad herd things into the sheds, so there was nothing for the wind to pick up.  Well, the center is to the south of us and isn't a tropical storm yet.  So a big sigh of relief.
Tropical Depression Nine Projected Path - From NOAA
We have been reading a lot about Zika in the newspaper.  There have been two cases reported in the Keys and there have been a lot of cases reported in Florida.  Zika is not a new disease, it was first discovered way back in 1947 in the Zika Forrest in Uganda.  .

Next we read in the paper about a four-foot American Crocodile off one of the sea walls in Key West.  Then he heard there are other crocodiles in the Keys.  Dad is thankful neither of like swimming in water.  He doesn't expect to run into any crocodiles during our walks.  He sure wish they all had a ticking clock, like the one in the Peter Pan. 

Dog Speed,

Sherman and Gemini 

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Cassie Crosses the Rainbow Bridge 19 August

We got word from Ohio on Friday that our pal Cassie crossed the rainbow bridge.  Gracie watches over her hoomans now.
Five Collie Sunday, 30 September 2007
Cassie, Essex, Deacon, Hattie, Lady
Cassie and Deacon - 2007
Dad first met Cassie way back on 26 September 2007.  They walked over to Grand Paws and Grand Maws house to say hi.  Essex, Deacon and Dad came out to meet them.  The two packs became good friends.  A the time of the first meeting, Cassie was only three years old.  That Sunday, 30 September there was the famous "Five Collie Sunday."  It was a Sunday to remember.  
Cassie, Essex, Hattie and Deacon - - 2008
Cassie -2008
Joy and sadness has been seen by the two packs.  Hattie and Deacon crossed the bridge in 2011.  Gracie Lou and Sherman came to live with the hoomans that year.  Essex crossed the bridge in 2013 and Gemini came to live with me in 2016.  Fortunately Gemini got to meet Cassie this summer.  She knew our smell and welcomed us.  We both listened to her weave tails about Essex and Deacon.  
Gracie Lou and Cassie - 2011
Cassie - 2016
We are sad to hear Cassie crossed the bridge, but there are so many happy memories that thinking of her brings to our pack.  We can see he playing with Hattie, Essex and Deacon across the rainbow bridge.  All of them will be waiting for their hoomans.  

Cassie loved and was loved by her hoomans.  There is nothing more important to a dog.

Dog Speed Cassie, you will be missed.

Sherman, Gemini and Dog Dad.