Saturday, August 30, 2014

Lazy August Days

Things have been going slow.  About half the time I am the only one at Angel Paws.  Sure wish my dog pals would show up.  Friday some pups showed up.  The Boxer is Bella and the Husky is Nanook.  I sure hope to see more of them.
Nanook, Bella and Sherman at Angel Paws
Other than that I've been resting and chewing on a bone or two.  Dad is trying to get things straightened around the house.  He always seems to end up side tracked doesn't get anything done.
Sleeping With My Nose Under The Rug 
Chewing On A Bone
Hope you are all having a pawsome summer.

Dog Speed


Monday, August 18, 2014

Goodbye Smoke

Our cyber-paw pal Chuck's collie Smoke crossed the Rainbow Bridge on Sunday, 17 August.  Smoke was only 8½ years old.  Dog Dad told me the ones that cross the bridge young make one very sad. 

From the stories we've read about Smoke, he was a character.   The fact that Smoke was such a character reminded Dog Dad a lot of Uncle Deacon.  If you want to say a kind word or two, click the following hyper-link, Collies of The Meadow.  The link will take you to post about remembering Smoke.  
Smoke - You Will Be Missed By Your Pack
We can imagine Smoke and Uncle Deacon romping around in the fields across the Rainbow Bridge.  Both of them with having one of those strange Collie grins.  The ones where you know they were up to something, but can't quite figure out what.

Dog Speed Smoke,

Sherman & Dog Dad

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Laddie Honors 100 Years Ago

I was talking to my good Pals Skye and Blue this morning.  Somehow the topic of history came up and Blue sent me some pawtographs of a mascot dog in England that attends historical ceremonies.  In these pawtographs, Laddie, the mascot dog is attending a ceremony remembering 4 August 1914, the day Great Briton declared war on Germany.
Laddie - 4 August 2014
Laddie Sure Looks Pawsome
From reading about Laddie and his predecessor Shane, a tri-color collie, they attend various  remembrances for various military history days, like the anniversary of WW I and VE Day.  Laddie wears a ceremonial jacket with the badges of the Royal British Legion.  He represents the service dogs that served in WW I and WW II.  We think it is pawsome that a collie represent the service dogs that served during these two wars. The impact of WW I (the Great War) still reverberates to this day.  The situations in both the Balkans and the Middle East have roots in WW I.  Austria-Hungary broke into many pieces and Turkey lost much territory and influence.
Laddie by the Memorial
A Good View Of the WW I / WW II Memorial
Dad sure thought those ceremonies were neat.  I sure wish I had a ceremonial jacket and was able to attend those ceremonies.

If you want to read more about Laddie and his predecessor Shane click the links below.  There is a pawsome video of a Laddie as a puppy.  Dad told me none of his collies have done anything like that in the video.
Shane - Link to Shane's Page
Laddie Puppy Video Link

Dog Speed,


PAW SSS - Thanks for the pawtographs Blue.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Vet Visit - 2014

This morning Dad and I went to the visit our vet.  Every paw there was very nice to me.  I was a little stubborn turning around, but heck there was no treats involved.  I weight 80 lbs.
Vet Report
Overall I am in great health, though he said I needed to loose a pound.  Dad looked at me and said I guess we are going for more walks (pawtastic) and he will be cutting back on the treats (grrrrrr).  Since I got my shots, there would be no Angel Paws today (sigh).  Dad told Doc with some luck we would be seeing him again in November.  I wonder what is going on?

Dog Speed,