Sunday, January 31, 2016

Navy, Bo and Home

We wanted to show some pawtographs of our pals.  The first is Navy.  After Red crossed the Rainbow Bridge, Navy came to live with his hoomans.  His pawrents first went to the Key West Animal Shelter and didn't find a pup that wanted to come home with them.  Dad suggested they try the Shelter up in Marathon.  Sure enough waiting there was Navy, who barked, "I've been waiting for you and it is about time you got here!"  We first me Navy on 14 January.  He is a very out going happy puppy, that loves to run and chase.
Another Angel Paws regular is Bo the Labrador Retriever.  Bo is a very active fun loving pup.  Like most Labrador's he doesn't have a mean bone in his body.  He loves to chase, run and wrestle.
Things are going well at our home.  Dad's pal came over to watch the football game last week.  Gemini decided to get into her kennel.  This totally surprised Dad, but shows the she feels safe in her kennel.  Sherman just rested in the middle of the floor.  Today Dad brought us our Sunday bones and we enjoyed chomping on them in the living room.
Gemini Resting in Her Kennel 
Sherman Keeping an Eye on Dad
Enjoying Our Sunday Bone
Dog Speed,

Sherman & Gemini

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Getting Along

Gemini and Sherman get along just fine and enjoy each others company.  Sometimes they sleep apart, other times Dad will catch them together on the dog bed.  You can tell by these pawtographs, the two of them enjoy being around each other.  Gemini definitely loves her Sherman.

Gemini's is a happy puppy, who is outgoing yet cautious.  She will watch new  pups at a distance before engaging them at the dog park.  If she is worried at the park, she will scoot up under the bench and watch what is going on.  She will romp with her friends, get bounced and come right back for more.  She is confident once she has been around another pup.  She is not alpha from what Dad can tell.  She doesn't growl at the other pups.  Gemini doesn't exude the quiet confidence or extreme focus of our angel collie Essex, but very few dogs exhibit those traits..  
Together in the Collie Mobile
Gemini is intelligent and bright eyed.  We found that out when she woke Dad up to go outside before she was even ten weeks old.  She likes people and loves attention.  Gemini is a confident spunky collie lass, but that was obvious when she followed Sherman around when she chose us at Holmhaven.  She bounces back quickly from rough dogie play and rarely gets upset. 

Dog Speed,

Sherman & Gemini

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Muddy Gemini

Friday, Dad was ready to go to Angel Paws Dog Park.  I am waiting inside and Gemini was outside.  Dad whistles the Lassie Theme and Gemini comes into the house.  Dad was like OMD, and said she was the muddiest collie he ever saw.  Her face, her chest, her paws were all muddy.  A resisting Gemini was taken into the master bath shower and given a thorough rinsing.  She doesn't know how lucky she was that Dad didn't use the cold water from the outside hose water instead of the warm shower water.

We missed going to Angel Paws, but did get a good walk.  I told her to chill out with the digging, but puppies seldom listen to their elders.  Sigh.

Dog Speed,


Monday, January 11, 2016

Red Crosses the Rainbow Bridge

We sadly report that our pal Red, the Labrador Retriever, crossed the Rainbow Bridge this morning.  We know his hoomans will miss him terribly.  When we saw his Dad walking to the park, the walk was that of a sad hooman.  
Deacon, Essex, Red and Red's Dad - January 2009
Red and His Dad Leaving Angel Paws - March 2009
Red first met the collies late 2008.  During the winter months him and his Dad were regulars.  Red even stayed a couple nights at our home way back in January 2009.  Dad had to travel to Baltimore that time, so Red stayed with Essex and Deacon..
Sherman Meets Red - November 2011
Red would tell us about his adventures in Maryland and Maine.  We would listen to every bark about Essex and Deacon at Angel Paws.  Red told us about Sasha “the Rat Terrorist”, PJ the miniature Schnauzer, Bear, Leo, Mongo, and many characters that roamed our beloved Angel Paws.  Gemini, loved those stories and would go over to Red and give him puppy kisses.  Some of those stories are when Deacon got tagged on the nose by another pup at Angel Paws in March of 2011; how his Dad got the two wandering Australian Shepherds, Dakota and Montana, into Angel Paws and our Dog Dad got there pawrents to come get them.  Red was there for the great pizza in the park adventure.  That was when some really silly hoomans left pizza unattended on the table at the dog park.  So many tall tails.
Red is Gray - December 2014
Gemini Gives Red Kisses
Red was brought back to his Dog Dad after a couple years.  The family that adopted him had problems.  His Dog Dad said he never was a problem.  The family named him "Banjo" which was a silly name.  His Dad decided his original name Red was used.  That name came about because the pups would all get different colored collars to tell them apart, and his color was red.  

All of us that knew Red will miss him. We know he is young again, barking at his litter-mates and telling Dog Dad's beloved Angel Collies, Essex and Deacon, about the two of us.

Dog Speed Red, you were loved.

Sherman & Gemini

Note:  Red's Dog Dad was a Labrador Retriever Breeder and a Certified Pet Dog Trainer.  He even wrote two books to include "Positive Puppy Training Works."  Many good breeders like Red's Dad and Lil at Holmhaven Collies will take their puppies back rather than have them put in a shelter.  Lil is extended family to Dog Dad and we hear from others hoomans that have Holmhaven Collies.  Red's Dad told us he enjoyed getting updates from the families that his pups adopted.  Paw SSS - Our post confused a couple folks and we wanted to provide a clear picture.

Friday, January 1, 2016

2015 in Review

To all a Barky New Year and best wishes for 2016 "The Year of the Monkey."  2016 got exciting at our house as Sherman escaped out of the backyard.  Dad went out looking for him, one of his neighbors went looking in their car.  Dad left the gate open just in case.  After about an hour Dad came back home and noticed the gate was closed.  When he came to the back door, Sherman was looking at him through the sliding glass door.  Dad is not sure who got him back into the house, but a very happy Dad gave Sherman a huge hug and then gave a big one to Gemini too.

=  =  =  =  =  =  =  = = = =

09 January - Great Uncle Buddy crosses the Rainbow Bridge.  Buddy was Essex's brudder, Sherman's Grandfather and Gemini's Great Great Grandfather.  He was a pawsome collie and a favorite with the children at the school where his Mom taught.  
Essex and Buddy - 2010
11 February - We meet a three legged German Shepard, while his master flies a kite inside Angel Paws Dog Park.

27 February - 1 March - Gandalf stays over for the weekend.
Gandalf and Sherman at Play
06 March - NASA probe enters orbit around Ceres the dwarf planet.  

24 March - Germanwings Flight 9525 plane crash

07 April - Sherman breaks the flexi-leash.

16-21 April - Gracie and Loki visit Key West
Loki, Gracie & Sherman
23 April - CC Crosses the Rainbow Bridge
CC - 2014
25 April - A 7.8 earthquake strikes Nepal over 8,000 die

05 May - Dad & Sherman meet Buster's Mom from DWB
Buster - 2007
08 June - Squirrel causes power outage in California.  

17 June - Shooting at church in Charleston, South Carolina

27 June - Gemini is born - The house of the Key West Collies rejoice
Gemini is Born
08-20 July - Karma stays at the Collie House
Karma & Sherman at Collie House
20 July - US restores relations with Cuba

26 July - Sky comes to Key West to live with Tonks
29 July - Man arrested in Key West.  Charged in plot to blow up a backpack bomb on beach.

03 August - Heavy rains in Key West

08 August - Sherman and Dog Dad meet Gemini at Holmhaven
We First Meet Gemini
04 September - Gemini comes to home to Key West
Sherman and Gemini at Holmhaven
04 September - Cousin Magnum E-barks us
Cousin Magnum
08 September - Gemini's First Vet Visit

13 September - Gemini wakes up Dad to go bathroom

22-27 September - Pope Francis visits the US

26 September - Cousin Alyx e-barks us
Cousin Alyx
30 September - 1 October - Gandalf visits Sherman & Gemini during the day
Gemini Watches Gandalf & Sherman Play
01 October - Hurricane Joaquin sinks the container ship El Faro 

04 October - Gemini's time at Angel Paws
Gemini & Sky
12 October - Our 600th Post

24 October - 10 Year Anniversary of Herricane Wilma
2005 - Angel Collie Essex Surveys Herricane Wilma Damage
13 November - Terrorist attack Paris, France - 130 Dead

24 November - Gandalf comes back for another day visit
Sherman, Gemini & Gandalf - Gemini Has Grown
23 December - A December to remember - Car problems, roof leak, Key West cough.  We help Dad slow down the world.

25 December - My First Essexmas in Key West
Gemini & Sherman Celebrate Essexmas
30 December - Roof is fixed.  Dad's world is slowing down

31 December - A get together at the DWB Chat Room.