Sunday, June 29, 2014

Sherman & Gandalf

Friday it was rainy and lightning out.  It was getting dark when the lightning started to subside.  Dog Dad got me in the car though.  Dad took a turn that wasn't going to  Angel Paws.  What the heck.  He gets out goes to a strange building then comes back.  He gets on the phone, says something and then we do a quick walk in a strange new area.

Next we are walking up to a strange building.  As I enter. a young pup named Gandalf greets me.  Before you know it we are running around, doing our best WWD wrestling moves.  The hoomans are chuckling as we play.


Defend Yourself 
Ha, You Are to Slow Sherman 
I Have You Gandalf
OMD, It Is The Flying Gandalf
Break Time
I Have You In A Collie Headlock Gandalf

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Peter Schlemihl

Today Dad sat down with me and read me a short story from long ago.  I grabbed a bone to chew and listened.
Chewing a Bone While Dad Reads
The story is about a man named Peter Schlemihl.  Dad happened on this story when he was in High School a pawzillion dog years ago.  He had a psychology  class and the book they were reading referenced this short story.  Dad decided he needed to find and read this story.  The story was written way back in 1814 and for some reason Dad could relate to this story. Finding it on line was like talking to old friend you hadn't seen in years.
Peter Schlemihl
In the story Peter sells his shadow to a man for a magic money purse that gives him an endless supply of money.  As Dad read the story, I sense his enjoyment and felt like I was part of the story.  When he was done reading it, he smiled and gave me a hug.  If you want to read the story and find out what happened to Peter click the following hyper-link:  Peter Schlemihl.

As for me and Dog Dad, things are going well.  I am meeting new friends at Angel Paws.  Dad had been hoping to report that a tri-color girl was born to come live with us, but no such luck.  A litter of five pups were born on 19 June.  There were two tri-color males, a sable male and two sable females whelped, but no tri-color girl.  However, two more female collies are coming into season soon.  If it would make Dad happy to have a tri-color girl and the delay is only several months, I can hang in there.  Besides that means more treats for me.

Dog Speed,


Thursday, June 19, 2014

Sunshine Award

I’ve been after Dad to post this award since we got it way back on 24 March from the Collies of the Meadow.  The Collies of the Meadow is a blog that has brought us many a smile, along with some of the rain that happens in life  We love reading their blog.  As for taking three months to get Dog Dad to post my award, I think he was waiting for me to become one of those fossils he has around the house. 
My Award
As part of this award we need to Name Ten Things About Ourselves-

1. Dog Dad had two facsimile collies when he was a very young lad.

2. Dad first dog, Pudgy, cost one raffle ticket, a whole five scents.  
1966 - Pudgy
3. Before the Collies came to live in Key West, Dad dog sat two other dogs: Foxy and Nicky.

4. All of the Key West Collies have been Holmhaven Collies.

5. The Holmhaven Collies foundation male, Bellhaven Enchanting Lancer, came to live with my breeder Mom Lil, in November 1962.  Lancer came from Bellhaven Collie Kennels which was owned by Mrs. Florence Ilch.
6. During the mid-70s Holmhaven Collies participated in an “All Collie Drill Team” that performed at Sunnybank during Octoberfest.

7. We started our blog because of a Collie named Tosca, who lives in Upstate New York.  Unfortunately, Tosca’s blog was pulled several years ago.

8. All the Key West Collies have had middle names: 
    Essex Saratoga
    Deacon Aloysius
    Sherman Tecumseh
9. All the Key West Collies had a nickname:
    Essex        – Secretary of Da Fence
    Deacon     – Collie Ambassador
    Sherman   – Speaker of the Park
The Collies Blessing
10. Essex and Deacon inspired Dog Dad to write the collie blessing:  “May your tail wag, your belly be full, and may you have a forever family to rub your tummy and scratch behind your ears.  

This award has been given to a lot of our pals.  We want to award it to our good chums: 

  1.  Reilly & Denny at

  2.  Petal & Penny at

  3.  Gracie & Loki at

Dog Speed


Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Chase - 17 June 1994

I jumped into the WABAC Machine all by myself and traveled back 20 years ago to 1994.  I got out in Bear, Delaware.  As I got out I saw a man that looked and smelled like Dog Dad, but the man is much thinner and his hair is dark. 

I slowly realize the man is a young Dog Dad.  I try to say hi, but Dog Dad just smiles at me.  He is busy visiting his friend Jim.  Dad and Jim, worked together, played racquetball and softball during the four years he lived in North Dakota.  The two of them sit down and turn on the TV.  On the TV a white Ford Bronco is driving down a road in California and is followed by police cars with flashing lights.  Dog Dad and Jim are mesmerized by the unfolding events.  I quietly slip back into the WABAC machine and come back home.

OJ - 1990
When I got back, I asked Dad about that car chase.  Dad smiles, then he tells me that twenty years ago that police were following OJ.  I give Dad a confused look.  He laughs and says, this OJ is not the cat that lives with our cyber-paw chum Skye, but a man that had played football with Buffalo.  He told me that in the months that followed many people in the United States followed the Court Room proceedings in California.  As we talked I could see that Dad had once admired this football player.  The events that unfolded after 17 June 1994 changed all that.

Dad tells me most people that lived in the United States will remember where they were when this happened.  After our talk Dog Dad comes over, gives me a hug and a kisses my forehead.  

Do you remember where you were?

Dog Speed,


Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Pawthers Day 2014

We hope all you Pawthers out there had a pawsome day.  When Dog Dad woke up this morning, I decided to give him a good face licking.  You should give your hoomans a good face licking off and on.
Happy Pawthers Days
Dad spent a lot of time with me.  We went to Angel Paws later in the day.  Four other pups visited today.  So I got to do some running and chasing.  There was an eleven month old Great Dane there.  Dad chuckled as I stayed close to him.

Dog Speed,


Thursday, June 5, 2014

Sherman is Three

Dad woke up this morning, came over to me and started singing Happy Barkday.   Dog, oh Dog I have a nutty Dog Dad, but I love him.  I got extra treats today, a big hug and time at Angel Paws.  I played with a Golden Retriever mix named Buddy, who is visiting Key West.  We ran and played.  After he left a Beagle named Vegas came in.  She didn't play a lot, but we both did some sniffing.  I had a good day and enjoyed myself.  I liked the extra attention I got from Dog Dad.  Dad promised to make some Cheddar Collies this weekend for me.  Woof, Woof, Aroooo.
Sherman With His Barkday Presents
I had a picture taken with a pineapple from my yard.  I am told they taste good, but I think hoomans are nuts.
With a Pineapple from My Yard
One of Dad's friends had a young Border Collie pup named Gandalf adopt them.  I am sure Gandalf will provide them plenty of adventures and keep them busy.  That is what Border Collies do best.  He is only about eight weeks old, so it will be a little while before we can meet in pawson.
Gandalf the Border Collie
Dog Speed,