Friday, November 22, 2013

Six Seconds

Dog Dad was sitting on the couch this morning petting me.  Then he got one of those far away looks and started talking to me about a time long ago.  The Holmhaven Foundation male, Bellhaven Enchanting Lancer, was alive and living with my breeder Mom Lil and her Mother Inga, in New Jersey.  Dog Dad was only in the first grade but he remembers.  Today is the 50th anniversary of Dog Dad's first national memory, the day JFK was shot.  Dog Dad has a book that Grand Maw had bought shortly after the shooting from the local paper.  He paged through it this morning.
Book Dog Dad Has From the Local Newspaper
"Lancer" Was Alive Then
He noted that the day was a Friday.  He recalls being in first grade and being let out early.  He recalls his pawrents being shocked and deeply saddened.  He remembers the entire United States grieving.

It is interesting what Dog Dad's recalls.  His most vivid memory is of a riderless horse named Black Jack with the boots reversed in the stirrups.  He remembers the presidents son, John John, saluting the casket as it passed.  He can see Oswald being shot.  He can see news on TV showing the shooting at Dealey Plaza.  He can hear the voice of Walter Cronkite.  These memories are in black and white, just like the TV he watched them all unfold on. 

Fifty years ago today, three shots were fired in under six seconds and the country changed furever. 

Dog Speed,

Sherman & Dog Dad


Timothy said...

I was 8 yrs old, in 3rd grade and most of your memories are just the same as mine. We were sent home early from school and when I got home my mother was sitting in front of the tv crying. I can remember getting on the school bus and knowing that it was something really bad. The school didn't tell us he had died. They said the president was shot, but I just couldn't fathom that it could be President Kennedy. I thought I must be one of the past presidents. We sure have lived through some terrible stuff, but still I wouldn't trade those days ever!

Dianne SS said...

It is interesting how those of us who were old enough at the time, have such similar memories and feelings, even after all these years have passed. I like how you related the day to the collies in the background of the dogs that you have had/have.

Jans Funny Farm said...

Interesting memories. I was home from school, sick. My mother came in the door from shopping and yelled up the steps, The President's been shot. I turned on the radio. It was a sad time.

Moondance Huskies said...

Mom remembers that time really well too. She was 8 yrs old. She remembers that schools were closed on the day of the funeral and watching all the coverage on TV. She also remembers the riderless horse who was very nervous. Everyone in the country was shocked and sad, and yes, it did change the country furever. Hard to imagine that it was 50 yrs ago when the memories are so vivid.