Monday, October 31, 2016

Collieween 2016

Another exciting Collieween is over.  We only had a short stay at the dog park, then it was off back to our home.  Dad put us in the bedroom, brought in our food bowl and closed the door.  He went through a bunch of bags of candy as there was the normal steady stream of trick-or-treaters.  Dad enjoys talking to the neighbors and seeing all the people.

One lady that stop by asked Dad if he still had his pups. She had a Burmese Mountain Dog and lived just down the road.  Dad remembered the pup and walking by the house all the time with Essex and Deacon.  He replied that he still had collies, but that we lived with him now.  It brought a smile to his face that somepaw remembered the collies and him.

We received a card from the hoomans that first lived with Deacon.  Herricane Matthew just grazed where they lived.  They lost power for several hours and are doing fine.  We found out that Charm now lives with them.  We noticed that Dad was happy when he got that card.  He said that hooman pack were really nice.

Hope you had a pawsome Collieween.

Sherman & Gemini


Collie222 said...

We had a good night, and went through all our candy! Glad you had a quiet, safe Halloween!

StevieGrrrWonder said...

103 trick-or-treaters this year, a record number of kids!!! Gave out ALL the candy!!! Last record kid count was 68. The low record was 12 kids a few yrs ago. The number of kids is VERY dependent on weather conditions up here. Last few yrs it's been cold and rainy and sometimes windy. This yr was a balmy 62F and no rain or wind. PERFECT! Glad you all had a safe Collieween with lots of visitors and got to talk with all the neighbors. We did the same and recognized regulars we see each yr. Slick and Rocky stayed inside while Cassie sat next to dad on the porch doormat. She wasn't as freaked out about the weird costumes and kids screaming and shouting and darting around as she was in previous yrs. I guess we can blame that on old age setting in :-)

Unknown said...

Happy you had a nice, quiet Halloween. You look so cute in your costumes. Very very beautiful!!!!!