Thursday, March 20, 2008

Just Ducky

Cyber-Paw Pals it has been an interesting two days. Yesterday in honor of Tosca's Second Barkday we got two ducks that quacked and didn't squeak. I played with both of them, Essex pretty much ignored them. I pranced around with Mr. Red-Collar and did my best Golden Retriever impersonation. The other would quack three times when you squeezed it. That is not normal. After a short battle with Mr. Three-Quackers, I defeeted him.

Today at Angel Paws a man stopped his car and got out with his wife. Essex thought he smelled strangely familiar. After listening to him talk to Dad, Essex realized it was the man had told us that touching story last year. You remember the "Legend of Holly the Collie", the one that makes our eyes get misty. Essex didn't put up much fuss when Dad pick her up to be petted. We told him about our blog and how we barked about Holly. Hopefully, we will see him again later this week. We would like to hear some more tails about Holly and his children's collies.

Dog Speed


Mr. Red Collar

Pretending I'm a Golden Retriever

Side and bottom view of the defeeted Mr. Three-Quackers

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