Thursday, October 4, 2012

Silent Nights

Silent nights, that has been what nights have been around our home.  Dog Dad has even caught Essex sleeping at the foot of the bed several times.  Dad isn't snoring a lot at night.  He has a lot more energy during the day and doesn't seem to be dragging when he gets home.  Both the yard and the house are getting cleaned up.  He plays with us more too.  He has lost weight, we can tell because he has went down five notches on his belt.  His knees hurt less and our morning walks are quicker.

Sherman and Essex Chilling Out
Was it a magic dog biscut that caused this to happen.  No, it is the result of him using "the mask" and the CPAP machine.  The CPAP prevents the snoring and Dad doesn't stop breathing during the night.  It has made a world of difference.  Being tested for the allergies helped, because Dog Dad found out about a dastardly dust mite allergy.  His kennel room where he sleeps has been made less friendly to those little beasties.  Eating better and losing weight has helped too.
Maybe both of us will see the more energetic Dog Dad that Essex remembers as a puppy.  Except this one will be a grayer.  BOL.  As for our weather, we have been getting plenty of rain.  It hasn't interfered to often with the Dog Park, but the grass is growing.

Dog Speed Cyber-Paw Pals,

Essex & Sherman 


Dawn said...

That all seems like very good news! We hope you have lots of fun at the dog park playing together!

Dawn said...

I'm going to try this again and see if I fixed it....

How Sam Sees It said...

Sleeping better and not aching really makes a huge difference. My husband made a decision a few years ago to try to eat better and a lot of his aches and pains (he has been in a few motorcycle wrecks) have gone away. Congratulations to make a healthy change!


Cowspotdog said...

All excellent side effects from one simple;s nice to have an energetic dad

Dianne SS said...

Wow!! That's really impressive that the machine and knowing more about allergens has made such a difference for Dog Dad!! We are gald to hear that he feels so much better and everyone is lots happier with the 'improved' Dog Dad!!

Duffy and Dianne

Jake of Florida said...

We believe that good sleep is essential to everything else so we're happy you all are having silent nights. And it isn't even Christmas hehehe.

Wirey woofs,

Jake and Just Harry

Berts Blog said...

WE are so glad this is helping your dad. One little machine, I better tell my Vickie about it.

StevieGrrrWonder said...

That's a ruffaty ruff ruff affirmative...u have sounded better on the phone lately. Good 4 u! Now it would b ironic if Miss Essex in her old age started 2 snore at the foot of yur bed and kept u up at night...payback is a b-i-a-t-c-h, dogdad! BOL :-)

Oorvi said...

Hi Essex, Hello Sherman,

I was absent from the blogosphere for a long time. I am sorry to learn about Deacon. I am sure he watches over the pack and smiles at you from above.

I just returned to blogging and I thought I must begin by meeting my old pals.

It's good to know that dog-dad's mask is working, he needs tons of energy to play with both of you:)

Licks n wags,

Kess And Her Mama said...

Awesome news! Healthy human, happy dogs. So glad to hear that all is well :-)