Tuesday, October 23, 2012

400th Post - All Collie Drill Team

Dog Dad has talked about taking this trip in the WABAC machine for a long time.  We finally did it for our 400th post.  We traveled back to October 1973, the location Sunnybank, the home of Albert Payson Terhune.   The sky is sunny and the air crisp and cool.  We hear the noise of a crowd and then the air is filled with the music of John Philip Sousa. 

On the far right is Lil and in the center is her Mom Inga,
The collies left to right Star, Scooter, Lance, Mac and Flash
Lil and Flash lead the team
As we get to a spot where we can see, there are five collies with five lovely dog moms.  We watch in amazement as the collies and the ladies do a quadrille and perform the intricate routine to the beat of the marching music.  We marvel at the team and the concentration and precision of the five collies.  One of the smells that drift up to us is very familiar.    

Dad states “The blood of those collies, run through your veins.”  Our mouths drop open.  Dog Dad smiles and tells us “The Lady with the hula hoop is Lil and the tri-color collie with her is Flash, one of your great, great….. grand pawthers.  The Holmhaven Collie Drill Team performed at the annual Oktoberfest held at Sunnybank from 1973 to 1976 for sure.  Possibly they performed in 1977 and 1978 but I’m not sure.”  Our chests swell with pride.  The music stops and the crowd cheers and we bark.  Lil sees us but doesn’t recognize us.  We want to bark with her and the collies, but Dog Dad tells us it is time to go. Below are some better pictures of four of the five team members.
Once in the WABAC machine he tells us “You should be proud.  Besides the drill team, the foundation male for Holmhaven Kennels is Bellhaven Enchanting Lancer.  The Bellhaven Collie Kennel was run by Mrs. Florence Ilch.  Mrs. Ilch is a very famous collie breeder.  She raised many outstanding collies to include one of the most famous collies in history, Laund Loyalty of Bellhaven.  Laund Loyalty is the only collie and the youngest dog ever to finish “Best in Show” at Westminster.  He won it all in 1928 at the age of nine months.” 
Bellhaven Enchanting Lancer 
Holmhaven’s Foundation Male
1929 – Laund Loyalty of Bellhaven
This trip in the WABAC has been special.  We smile and give Dog Dad a whole lot of kisses for taking us on this extra special trip in the WABAC Machine for our 400th post.

Dog Speed,

Essex & Sherman


Cowspotdog said...

That is an impressive history you guys have and you have a lot to be proud of.

How Sam Sees It said...

What a great trip! I grew up reading Terhune, and one of my vacation destinations is the grounds of Sunnybank!


Dianne SS said...

This brought a few tears to my eyes. A lovely trip with some very special connections for Essex and Sherman--and Dog Dad too! So much to be proud of!!

Dianne and Duffy

Lil Sayre said...

This brings back wonderful memories of our collies from long ago and our lives in New Jersey. Thank you, Joe, for taking us back. Lil Sayre, Holmhaven Collies

Asta said...

Essex and Shewman
What a wondewful way to celebrate youw 400th post
I loved twaveling back in time wif you and youw Dad and seeing those gowgoos and talented ancestows of yoows
Congwatoolashuns..you can be vewy pwoud of yoow past as well as yoow pwesent
Smoochie kisses

Jake of Florida said...

Sigh and double sigh...too painful to watch at the end.

Thanks for the consoling words. We're going Tiger too!

Wirey mournful woofs,

Jake and JH
Ps Your ancestors are very splendid!

StevieGrrrWonder said...

WOW....post 400! Doesn't seem like that many, does it? Great history and great photos, especially liked the photos (miss taking pics for a job sometimes...was loads of fun). Sherman, Essex & Deacon have a long lineage and proud heritage.

Unknown said...

Loyalty would never win today: not enough of a break over the eyes. But Lancer would! He is breathtaking. Linde Raphael, and Barb