Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Vet Visit and Toys From Cousin Rocky

Well cyber paw pals, Normandy had his first visit with our vet Dr. McGuire. Dad and I had to stay outside while Normandy went inside to have his checkup. When Norm went inside to visit the Doc McGuire I starting whimpering.  Dad told me that Normandy would return, but I was worried about my brudder. I really like my brother and enjoy playing with him.
Our Vet
 Normandy got some toys from cousin Rocky in Cincinnati.  Normandy loved all of them.  
Normandy Examines Toys From Cousin Rocky
Normandy Likes This Ball
Normandy Likes This Ball Too
Dog Speed,


StevieGrrrWonder said...

First vet visits r always a bit scary, but the Doc becomes our friend over time...glad he survived it like a champ! Toys, toys and more toys....what to do with toys? Ahhhhhhh, yes....teeth r for biting, chewing & ripping!!! BOL 😋😋😋

Dawn said...

So was the checkup good? I hope so! And what great toys!! New toys, new big sister, new dog-dad. Life is good for little (for a while he'll be little anyway) Norm!