Monday, October 31, 2011

Collieween 2011

Dog Dad had a pawsome Collieween 2011.  Lady I, her Dog Mom and a friend helped hand out Collieween Candy.  Dad went through fifteen bags of candy.  As the children just came non-stop this year.  Lady I was out meeting the kids, Sherman got to visit outside for awhile but was a bit to barky.  Sherman then joined Essex in the back room.  Essex just goes bonkers with so many strangers visiting.

The last couple weeks have been busy.  We got to go to the Angel Paws for several hours on Essex's barkday.  We had lots of fun.

Essex at Angel's Paw
Sherman chilling at Angels Paw
That weekend it started raining.  On Monday the 17 October, it rained so hard the water was up to Dad's ankles on the side walk.  We refused to go past the neighbors house.  Dad drove through some flooded streets.  It rained the next day and really hard on the 19 October.  We had a short walk that morning as cloud to ground lightning kept us home.  Then the rains came forty minutes before Dad left for work.  The streets flooded again and one of the guys Dad works with car blew an engine rod.  
17 October - A Wet Sherman
Essex is Wet Too

19 October - Heavy Thunderstorms - Weather Channel
We went to the vet on the 24th and Sherman weighed in at 37 pounds. 

On 27 October, Lady I, her Mom and a friend came down to visit us.  We had a lot of friend and enjoyed the extra company.  They did some fantasy fest stuff.  Dad said no, saying that he is too old to put up with drunk obnoxious people.  We spent time at the dog park.  They took poor Sherman to Duval Street, but he was so scared by the noise and the crowds that they had to carry him part of the way.

Lady I
Sherman and Lady's Dog Mom
Sherman is a Shy Butterfly
The Collies Display their Fantasy Fest Beads
Dog Speed,

Essex & Sherman


Sheltie Times said...

Halloween was postponed until Thursday due to a trick, a Halloweenn snowstorm.

Asta said...

Essex and Shewman
I'm so glad you had such a pawfect Collieween!
I've been looks like we'we moving to Budapest next yeaw so this was my last halloween. I'm going to miss NewYawk but hope my fwiends will still be hewe fow me
smoochie kisses

Dawn said...

Sounds like a busy week (s?). Hope you're all dried out by now!