Saturday, September 29, 2007

Safe in Ohio

We just wanted to let everyone know we are doing fine. It has been an exciting week cyber-paw friends. We wanted to get on line earlier but didn't have access to a computer. To sum things up, we drove from Key West, Florida to Valdosta, Georgia on Saturday. We passed an accident on the Florida Turnpike near Orlando. A van spun out and the front fender was all bent up. There was a lot of heavy rain near Orlando.

Late Sunday we were in Cincinnati, Ohio. Clyde was really excited to see me and meet Deacon. He was dancing, woofing and going nutz. Deacon and Clyde played and played. We were so ready to play and romp because of being in the car so long.

On Wednesday we were in Amherst, Ohio. It rained a lot that day. On Thursday, Hattie and Cassi stopped by to meet us. Dad took us over to play with them and we brought over Key West Coconuts for them to play with. They loved them. Hattie is eight years old while Cassi is three. We are best friends now. Deacon saw a squirrel and chased it up a tree! He couldn't believe they really existed.

During our walk Friday, we meet a little deaf girl. We are guessing she was about eight or nine years old. She made some grunting signs and pointed. Her Grand Parents told us it was okay to come up and visit. She petted us and was so excited to see us.

We will add some pictures when we get back home. Hopefully, we can convince Dad to get a lap top, so he can update people during his trips.

Dog Speed

Essex and Deacon

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