Sunday, September 9, 2007

Favorite Foods

We were looking over the Barkalot Boyz dog blog and noticed one about their five favorite foods. After reading the comments Jake and Just Harry made, we tagged our selves. So without further a-rooo here are the Key West Collies top five favorite foods:

1 – Cheese, especially extra sharp cheddar cheese. Cheese taught Essex how to use the doggie door. We are starting to drool, so we better continue. Cheese ........

2 – Peanut Butter, that stuff is good. A collie's long nose has the advantage that you can reach to the very bottom of the jar.

3 – Ice Cream, if there was a cheese flavored ice cream this would be number one. Hear that frozen paws, cheese flavored ice cream for dog.

4 – Bacon, real bacon not bacon bits. The commercial may say we don't know the difference, but any serious dog owner would notice that real dogs know the difference.

5 – Dog Treats, especially “Al's Grill” Hamburger or Steak flavored.

Honorable mention Greenies, Milk Bone Original Dog Treats with bone marrow, popcorn and pita bread.

Dog Speed,

Essex and Deacon


Urban Smoothie Read said...

seesm like v hv d same taste..

all ur favourite food, r my favourites too

Jake of Florida said...

Gee collies, it looks like we have the same tastes. We're a little less fussy when it comes to cheese -- most will get us drooling. Jif is our brand of peanut butter too and I bet we could get our noses in the jar if we had the chance, but we never do get the chance. It gets doled out in a kong as a bedtime snack.

Greenies are what Mom bribes us with when she has to leave us alone for a meeting: we get all excited when she puts her shoes on and picks up the car keys. I (Jake)sit by the door and put my paw up, the way she taught me. JH just trembles a bit and can't seem to master sit plus paw, so he grabs the greenie from her hand.

Thank you for the collie blessing for Just Harry Day. It started out to be a joyful day -- until we turned on WGN and saw the Cardinals get creamed by the Cubs -- 12-3. Hope still springs, but with a little less bounce!!

Jake and JH