Thursday, September 20, 2007

Rosie Out of the Bag

Essex and Rosie take it easy

I know where we are going. Essex let the Rosie out of the bag. When she mentioned Rosie and Clyde, I knew we are going North to Ohio. This will be my first road trip. I’ll meet cousin Clyde, who is very good friends with Essex; and Rosie the cat. I hope they like me.

Then in Dad’s home town I will hopefully meet Prince and Hans two male collies that live close to Dog Dad’s parent’s house. This will be Essex’s fourth trip to Ohio. All of her other trips have been in June or July.

Clyde and Essex in Ohio

On Edge from Fire Works

We hope to meet three other female collies that live close by named Lady, Hattie and Cassi. Hattie and Cassi signed our books and have invited us over to play. Dad has given us warning they’ve been skunked twice and we better be careful. Lady hasn't sent a picture, but she will be the third collie named Lady we've met. I can hardly wait, this is pawtastic news and both of us could jump over the moon. The only bad news is we may be celebrating Essex’s birthday on the road driving back to Key West. Essex says that’s okay because she can see Clyde and everyone.



Dog Speed



PerfectTosca said...

Hi cousins and uncle Joe. Mom finally peeked out from under her funk.

Boy I hardly ever meet any other collies. You guys are lucky!

Urban Smoothie Read said...

cassie enjoying himself dipping in d pool??