Saturday, September 22, 2007

On the Road

Well cyber-paw pals the three of us are on are way north to Ohio. We are so excited that we could jump over the moon. Dad is starting out later than he would like, but it took time to hurricane harden the house. The drive will be long but we look forward to seeing Clyde, Rosie, Cassi, Hattie, Lady and Dad’s hooman relatives. To all of our cyber-paw pals we wish you the very best. We will try to drop everyone a line on Sunday or Monday from Cincinnati.

Dog Speed,

Essex and Deacon


Jake of Florida said...

Hey Key West Collies,

We're sorry we missed you 'cause we wanted to congratulate you on the Indians clinching the division today. We're glad one of your favorite teams has come through. We'd be happier if we could celebrate too, but we're happy when friends are happy.

Have fun on your trip!!! And let us know where you stay -- if you find good pet-friendly places to stay!!

Jake and JH

Urban Smoothie Read said...

enjoy ur trip...

hope to hear frm u soon