Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Boston Whaler Bobby

Boston Whaler Bobby

Dear Great Niece Essex and Great Great Nephew Deacon,

Wish you were here, I had a great time at Table Rock Lake in Missouri this weekend. My Dog Mom and Dad took me out for a boat ride. I really enjoy boat rides and chilling out with them. I don't go into the water to often, though me and my former partner Mac, dog rest his soul, were once tricked into the lake and had to go for a swim. Boat rides are great and you should convince your Dad to get a boat.

Woofs and Sniffs,

Great (Great) Uncle Bobby

- - - - - - -

Dear Great (Great) Uncle Bobby,

Have you seen the size of the fish here? They are huge, some are a wayyyy bigger than the two of us put together and have eyes that think you are a snack. We rather go to Angel Paws over a boat ride any old day. Give us dry land, we don't like water, swimming or baths. We don't trust Dad driving a boat and trust the other people on vacation even less. We think your bandanna looks pawtastic.

Woof Ya,

Great Niece Essex

Great Great Nephew Deacon

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Urban Smoothie Read said...

it sounds fun...i shld give boat ride a try too...