Saturday, September 15, 2007

Biggg Doggg

Zeus is a really big dog
Essex first met Zeus when she was only a puppy. She told me about him, but I figured that was just one of her tall tails told to scare me. Then I met Zeus earlier this week. At 160 lbs, Zeus is huge; bigger than Essex and I put together. That enormous white fluff ball is a Great Pyrennes. Being that big and named Zeus just demands respect. Essex didn’t even mind if he got in her way during fence patrol. Zeus told me about the day Angel Paws Dog Park opened. A ribbon was cut and chaos ensued as of over twenty dogs streaming into the park. Zeus broke up a couple fights.

Bear, Mongo, Zeus, Xena and Deacon

Xena - A female Bull Mastiff

Xena, a female Bull Mastiff, keeps Zeus company and weighs about 8o lbs. She has an irregular heart and her family is giving her medicine. We played for awhile and we got along swell. I hope she gets better as she sure is fun.

Roxy peers at Zeus, you can see some of Deacon.

Roxy is a recent regular to the dog park. She is a sweet little female pit bull that loves playing with me in particular. We are really good friends and she likes wrestling with me. Everyone laughs as she bounces over me. When Zeus entered the park, she ran behind the bench to hide.

Another little friend is Pharaoh, a Basenji. Pharaoh loves to run and play, but his bark sounds more like a yip. He is active, loves to chase around with the smaller dogs and sometimes me. He only weighs 22 lbs. As for me, Deacon, sometimes I run, finding a something in the park and try to get other dogs to chase me, wrestling a little, and once in awhile I just chew on a stick or lay around. Auntie Essex, she is almost always on fence patrol. I try to join her, but she normally bounces me.

Pharaoh looks on, while PJ watches him

Another shot of Pharaoh and PJ

Well, I think Dad is finishing up cleaning. Bark at you later.

Dog Speed,



Eddie N Peaches said...

What fun park friends you have. Momma sez we have our own dog park at home since there are 4 of us in this yard! Hah!
Pooches Smooches,
Eddie, Peaches & Bella

Urban Smoothie Read said...

wow!! tat was a really giant dog that u met at the dog park