Sunday, August 29, 2021

29 August 2021 - All's Well

 Bowsers, we've been meaning to post, but kept putting it off.

Both Fred and Ida stayed far away from us.  A little rain, but nothing to worry about here.  We are praying for the people in Louisiana. 

Grass has been growing quickly and there are plenty of pals at Angel Paws.  Bently and Zeus have a new brother.  A husky puppy named Atlas.   Atlas is going to be a big husky.  Kai the Aussie loves to do fence patrol and Chachi loves to rough house.  Chachi will be leaving Key West soon.
Atlas, Kai and Chachi
Kayla, the Belgian Malinois loves to rough house with Norm.  Dad takes off Norm's collar when Kayla arrives.  She likes to grab it and Dad can see Norm getting frustrated.

Normandy, Kayla & Gemini

Dog Speed,

Gemini & Normandy

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StevieGrrrWonder said...

We were wondering where u were, figured u were busy. Glad to know all is ok. Equally glad that the pups have such nice doggie friends to play with. Liked the many pics.
Had to do a double-take when we saw yur says 30 August, but was posted 29 August. It scared us, thought we lost a day somehow. It could've been a space alien abduction time loss...u just never know! BOL ;-) Happy the strong Tropical Storm and hurricane passed u by. Ida was the bad one. They had to worry more about flooding and storm surge than wind, plus they had a lotta embedded tornadoes. Thankfully, shortly after landfall, it weakened fast. Prayers for those people in the hardest hit parts in Louisiana. Wasn't it in 2005 when they got slammed with Hurricane Katrina in almost the same area???