Tuesday, January 24, 2023

24 January 1898

There is a creaking noise in the house.  Gemini's tail starts to wag.  We ramble over to a big door and see Dad turning some dials.  I bump Gemini and give her a quizzical look.  Gemini barks out "It’s the WABAC machine Norm!"

Gem explains the collies would join Dad and go back in time using the WABAC machine. I listen as Gem woofs about previous WABAC adventures.  Dad turns the dials to 24 January 1898, location Key West. 
We arrive in Key West.  There are no cars and people dress funny.  We see lots of horses and hoomans walking.  Dad says “Today the wheels of history start to turn.  Several weeks from now, the trajectory of US history will change furever.  The US will start to get more involved in world politics.  In a several weeks we will use the WABAC machine again to witness the event that starts that avalanche and begin that change.”
The USS MAINE - 1898 - Library of Congress

We watch a ship start to slowly leave port, belching smoke into the air as it moved.  We read the name the “Maine.”  Dad looks at us and states, “The Maine is heading to Cuba.  Captain Charles D. Sigsbee is the commander.  The Maine will arrive in Havana the next day, 15 January, around 10 AM.  In a several weeks, we get in the WABAC and go to Havana Harbor.  We will watch, listen and we too will remember the Maine.”
USS MAINE Entering Havana Harbor - 15 JAN 1898
Dog Speed,
Gemini & Normandy


StevieGrrrWonder said...

Wowzers....we haven't been in the WABAC machine in a while! BOL :-)

Dawn said...

Wow, cool trip back in history! I remember a dog named Mr. Peabody take us and a kid named Sherman in a way back machine!