Wednesday, January 4, 2023


Well cyber-pals Dad is going to have surgery today.  He felt a couple bumps on the back of his neck the second week of December.  He went to Urgent care and they referred to another place.  That Doc saw him and scheduled him fur surgery.  Being the holiday, he ended waiting until after New Years.  They are going to put Dad under, which he isn't thrilled about, but do what you have to do.  He reports in at 7:15 and should be out before 10.  

Dad will walk about 15 minute to the place that does the surgery.  Copper's Dad will pick him up to take him home.  We were extra good during our walk and told Dad not to worry.  Dad will worry anyhow.  When Dad gets home we'll post to let you know how he is doing.

Dog Speed,

Gemini, Normandy and Dog Dad

= = = = = = =

UPDATE:  11:00 AM

Dad is home and doing well.  He is under the loving supervision of Gemini and Normandy.   No Angel Paws today,, but we will get extra time tomorrow

We will get results of what the lumps were sometime in the future.  He is scheduled to see the Doc again in around ten days..   


Sheltie Times said...

Lots of prayers for your Dad that everything is normal and you can all get back to life as normal. Peace to all of you while you wait.

StevieGrrrWonder said...

Glad u noticed the bumps and went to the doc pronto to see what's what. Awaiting yur news of the results. In the meantime, follow the instructions from the doc as far as bandaging, cleanliness, etc of the area they cut into to do the biopsy to prevent any infection. Had that done once many years ago...had to clean and bandage the area once each day for it to heal without a bad scar. So glad the pups are there to keep u company and distract u from worry. The puppers excel at doing that...cuz they are, of course, man's best friend!!! 😊

Dawn said...

Glad the surgery went well. Hoping for all clear from the test results.