Sunday, March 6, 2011

Treats & Dog Parks

Deacon got tagged right across the snout at Angel Paws Friday. That was due to one of Dad's favorite dog park issues, treats.

A lady came in with her white dog and a bag of treats. The dog was protective of her and the treats. Dad had to go over and get Deacon one time and bring him back on the leash. He gave him about a five minute time out, then let him off the leash. After wondering around for four minutes Deacon decided to wonder back towards the treats and this time he got tagged right on the snout. The lady left the park and went to the kids play ground. With no yelping Dad didn't look at him and someone else noted he was cut on the nose.

Dad went over and talked to the lady. He wasn't angry, but he wanted to stress how bad an idea it was to bring treats into a dog park with about ten dogs you don't know inside. He has seen injuries to both human and canine over treats.
When we got home, Dad got out the hydrogen peroxide and put it on the cut. He looked at Deacon and said "Pain heals. Chicks dig scars. Glory... lasts forever." BOL. That is one of Dad's favorite movie quotes.
Dog Speed,

Essex & Deacon


Asta said...

Youw Dad is so wight! You look handsome and bwave! What a stoopid lady. It's just asking fow twouble to bwing those tweats in thewe..
I'm sending you healing smoochie kisses fow you bootiful noble nose

Arran, Arthur and Mum said...

We don't understand about dog parks cos we don't have any over here and hearing that story I think I glad about it!
~lickies, Ludo

Jake of Florida said...

One reason why we don't get to go to the dog park anymore. Too many silly humans.

Deacon, we hope you heal quickly. Not sure about the chicks... and sadly, didn't recognize the quote -- although our Dogdad probably would!!!

We appreciate your stopping by -- but, uh, for the record, we're WFTs, not WTFs!!!!!

Wirey woofs,

Jake and Just Harry

Asta said...

Deacon and Essex
I'm glad you got my smoochies fow Deacon's nose. I will twy to get Mommi up in time to talk to you one of these sundays. She usually is up so late that she sleeps in, but it would be so nice to chat.
smoochie kisses

Cowspotdog said...

Poor Deacon. What a silly women bringing treats to the park - some people just don't have much sense. I am sure it will heal fine and you will not even see it soon.

Jans Funny Farm said...

Aw, your dad is pawsome. And smart.

Dawn said...

Dog parks kind of scare me because I don't know all those other dogs. We have a big one near here that I took Katie to once. And she got chased all over and was scared the entire time. I guess we'll just stick to our small local parks with her on a leash. I think it's the humans who want the dogs off leash more than the dogs least in Katie's case.

Anonymous said...

Ugh! My Mum brings treats to our park... but it's not a fenced in park where us dogs can't move on. Ours is a long hike type thing where we only see dogs a little bit then we walk on by ourselves. She wouldn't take treats to a fenced in small park where lots of dogs would huddle around her for the treats! That's not a good idea.

If the Mum doesn't have treats at our walkie park, then I tend to wander off, because why go to the Mum if she doesn't have a yummy? :)