Monday, June 18, 2007

How I Met Dad

It's me, Essex as a puppy at Holmhaven Collies

I know all of you are asking "Essex tell us about how you met Dad. Inquiring dogs want to know!"

I was whelped 13 October 2003, the daughter of Danny (Holmhaven Enchanting Dan) and Valiant Ebony Flash at Holmhaven Collies. My granddogdad Jason (Holmhaven Kings Gold) just turned thirteen there. Dad must have been impressed because he got my nephew Deacon from there. Deacon has a big silly grin on his face right now, harrumph. You can find out about Holmhaven Collies at

Dad Holmhaven Enchanting Dan
Mom Valiant Ebony Flash
GrandDogDad Holmhaven Kings Gold - Jason

By mid-December my litter mates had all disappeared, until only Buddy (Deacon’s father) and I were left. The Great Dane worked his magic, though I was the last chosen, Dad is convinced he got the best of the litter. Sometimes the best things in life are chosen for us. If any of my litter mates read this, sign the guest book, drop a comment on the blog, or bark at us at

Well, it is 31 December 2003 and this guy drives up all the way from Key West. I took one look and come right over to gnaw on his shoe lace. I really liked this guy, and I was smitten when he rubbed my belly. Suddenly I’m inside a truck; I panic, and want to stay with Buddy. I tried climbing up Dad’s arm to get out of the truck and even cried for about ten minutes. Dad, he just kept stroking me and talking in that calm steady voice. Dog gone it, you just have to relax when you hear this guy. Dad stopped at the half way point of the three and a half hour drive to Key West. I really needed go potty, dog gone it, my teeth were floating in the back of my mouth.

Brother Buddy all grown up

Next thing I know the truck stops, I wake up and we were outside his house in Key West. I was a scared and nervous but Dad is a calming influence. I heard Dad tell people he was scared too, but I couldn't tell. He lifted me out of the truck and I took one small step on Key West. It was the beginning of my adventures in a brave new world.

What that you say, why the name Essex. Dad said names should bring back memories of times and places. His story is his one college room mates Dad was an aviator aboard the Essex during the Korean War. Hur-Ruff, all us dogs know it was after Essexmas which falls on 25 December every year.

Dog Speed



PerfectTosca said...

Gee Essex, you sure were a cute puppy.

Anonymous said...

I am the dog mama to one of your grand dog dad's brother. Jason and my Bobby are brothers. Bobby is haning in there though he uses a doggie wheel chair at times.
You are a beautiful collie Essex.
Bobby's mama


Bobby's Mama,
Thank you for the kind words. We are always happy to hear from relatives. We would love to post a photo or two of Great Uncle Bobby. Deacon barks howl-low to his Great Great Uncle. Dad sez all Holmhaven Collies are special. Dog Speed ---- Essex & Deacon