Thursday, July 3, 2008

Can You Help Gemi?


" Gemi"
Two Shelties - Gemi and Teddy at the beach.
Our cyber-paw pals Opie and Gomer at DogsAyeView wrote about Gemi needing oral surgery. We like those two a lot and decided to help. When we noticed that Gemi was a Sheltie we decided a post was necessary too. Gemi is a 3 1/2 year old Sheltie and is a svelte 12.5 lbs.

You can read all about Gemi and how you can help her at the following two posts by DogsAyeView - "More Information about Gemi" and and "Can You Help Us Help Randi?".
We decide to help and you might too. Gomer and Opie give you all the information you need in their posts. In our minds they are doing the work of the Great Dane.

Dog Speed,

Essex & Deacon
UPDATE: At 3:02 PM on 5 JULY, IMOM listed Gemi as fully funded. That funding is at the low end estimate. Hopefully, that will cover it. The Key West Collies will keep an eye on this breaking story and provide updates as we get them.

After all "Inquiring Collies want to know."


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for cross-posting about Gemi! Truly you're fulfilling the collie blessing for us. We wuf ya, Essex and Deacon!
Gomer, Opie and Floyd

PS... we just signed your guest book!

Princess Eva and Brice said...

It's scary when you hear of a dog in need of an operation. I stole Momma's credit card and made a contribution.

Momma says telling us apart is like a mom telling her biped puppies apart. Very easy. Even in the dark.

Princess Eva

Urban Smoothie Read said...

i hope gemi's family will get the help they needed

Tatum Tot said...

Oooo I'll go check out Gemi, I love shelties too! My Mum and Dad could use some of that money stuff to help pay for Lucy's bills lately, she's spent a lot of time at the vets!

Mack said...

Gemi is so pretty & so wittle!
I hope her operation goes well.

Asta said...

Essex and DEacon
Thank you so much fow putting youw bbotiful pictoowe in my guestbook
I hope youw fwiend Gemini will get all the help he awe wondewful fwiends..
smoochie kisses

andrahyb said...

Essex & Deacon

Guessed we're a lil' too late.
But nonetheless, we pray that GOD will bless Gemi a smooth op.

You as well, will surely be blessed for being such a nice pawllo!

We've actually added you few days ago when you pop by our blog but because something happened on Goofy's Barkday, M was hands tied till now.

We're back, sniffing out at every pawllos blog! We hope we can check out on you often...

Thanks for being our Pawllos!
Rudolf & Goofy