Sunday, October 26, 2008

We're Back

We just wanted to let all our cyber-paw pals know we made it safe back home to Key West. Both of us and Dog Dad hate that long two day trip from Cincinnati, Ohio to Key West, Florida. Thankfully the weather was sunny and we mostly just slept in the car. Our first stop back in Key West was Angel Paws. What a pawsome Dad, he lets us see our pals and run around before going home.

Dog Dad was a little worried because Essex didn't poop for 48 hours. As soon as we got to Angel Paws, Essex took care of business. Essex tends not to eat or do her duty when we travel. Dad is used to it, but it still worries him a bit.

More tomorrow, hopefully.

Dog Speed,

Essex & Deacon


Sunny,Scooter, (sometimes Jamie) said...

Welcome home guys!!! Glad to see you back!
Sunny & Scooter

Islay said...

welcome home collies (you can still come and pick up your prize cuz my human has been too lazy to make a new post yet!)

It's funny how poo always upsets humans. For us dogs, it either happens or it doesn't. There's no pleasing humans - I bet if you pooped in the car your dad wouldn't be happy either! Don't worry, Essex, I understand!


Jake of Florida said...

Hello Collies,

We're glad you're back home and were very interested in your reaction to a long ride. As you may have read, we'll be going to St. Louis for Christmas and Mom and Dogdad have been wondering how we'll do.

Do you get strapped in? And how often do you stop?

Yesterday the folks drove to Panama City -- about an 8-hpur drive -- and were envisioning what it would be like with us in the back seat. Any thoughts?

No pooping, huh?

Jake and Just Harry