Thursday, September 10, 2009

New Angel Paw Pals

While we miss our old pals, we have met so new ones. Today we met Nieco, a happy four-month old husky puppy. He played a bit with Deacon. Essex let the pupster know that she was the Secretary of Da Fence, but she is pretty good with puppies. We hope to see a lot more of Nieco. Another new dog is Jethro, a Redbonene Coonhound. Jethro and Rocky are real good pals, both seem to have the same disposition.

Nieco, the four-month old Huskie Puppy

Jethro looks on

There are still some old pals at Angel Paws. Sasha, the Rat Terrorist, still likes to get after other dogs. Sasha has never tried to cross Essex though. Sasha doesn't rough house with Deacon as much now.

Sasha, the Rat Terrorist

The tiles between the cabinets and granite counter top have been put in. They have yet to be grouted, be things are looking pretty pawsome. Stove, dishwasher and microwave are due in Saturday. The electrician should put in the new outlets tomorrow or Saturday. Things are looking good and we are ready for those projects to end.

Dog Speed,

Essex & Deacon


Dawn said...

Kitchen making progress, new friends, life sounds good in the Keyes!

Natasha said...

It's fun to make new friends! Kitchen's looking great too!

~Mika and Wall-e

Mack said...

My mom is drooling at those countertops!

Margaret Cloud said...

Very pretty dogs, I think dogs make good pets. Your kitchen is looking good.

Anonymous said...

Hehehee Sasha the Rat Terrorist. That is too funny! :) Jet is fortunately not a Terroist! He's a FarmDogIst.

Tatum Tot said...

I am glad you are making new friends too. I love to make new friends all the time!

Dawn said...

Did you get those appliances yet? Can't wait to see it totally finished!