Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Essex is Six

Essex woke up today to Dad singing “Happy Barkday.” Unlike the last two years, we are celebrating Essex’s Barkday at home. In 2007 we were on the road home from Statesboro, GA and in 2008 we were in Amherst, Ohio. During our early morning walk Orion and Canis Major were both high in the sky. The “Secretary of Da Fence” told Dad what she wants most is an extra long time doing fence patrol at Angel Paws.

Dad has a wistful look in his eyes. He is remembering a little puppy he brought home, that became such a wonderful girl. Essex is a lot like Dad, she has a small group of friends. For people she knows her tail will wag in wide sweeps. She is loyal and intense. Essex and Dog Dad are really in tune with each other.

We hope all of you have a pawfect day. Any day here with a smile, a cold nose and lick is pawfect for us. It being Essex’s six barkday just makes it extra special.

New pictures may be awhile as Dad has misplaced the cord for the camera, while moving stuff out of the small bedroom.

Dog Speed

Essex & Deacon


Anonymous said...

Happy Barkday, Essex!
Bow Wow...and licks and wags, and kisses on your lovely long nose.

Licks n wags,

Chris and Ricky said...

Happy Birthday Essex!!! Hope you have a wonderful day!

Jake of Florida said...

Dear Essex,

You have a special place in my heart after our (too) few dates -- and I hope that, if ever my hoomans decide to make that trip to Key West, we will be able to share an up close and pawsonal good woofing time together. I'm a bit less discriminating than you are, as I wag my tail at the slightest provocation and also my muzzle quivers -- but I think we'll get along as I do prefer big dogs.

You're just a bit older than I am -- still, as my Mom, the "old lady," always tells my Dogdad, the "younger man" -- age is just a number.

Loyal and intense -- I like that in a friend!!!

Happy, happy barkday!!!

Your wirey pal,

Just Harry (oh, and Jake and Mom send their good wishes too.)

Cowspotdog said...

Happy Birthday Essex !!! Make sure you do lot of fence patroling.

Lizzy said...



I hope you have a grrrrEAT day ahead my friend! 6 years? Man, now I'm feeling old compared to you. I hope you have many, many more happy and healthy years to come!


Dawn said...

Very Happy Barkday Essex! So nice that you and your DogDad are so close! You are a very special girl, I can tell! Here's to lots more barkdays for you!

Mack said...

Happy birthday to such a beautiful lady!