Thursday, August 12, 2010


We haven't been posting lately, but Grand-Paw has been in bad shape and Dog Dad has been worried. We are going to be going on an emergency trip to Ohio. We fully expect Grand-Paw to be crossing the rainbow bridge soon.

Don't worry about Dog Dad, he is okay with it as Grand-Paw is 91. It has hard seeing Grand-Paw in the wheel chair and not be able to talk much when he visited in June. Dog Dad remembers a much younger and happier Grand-Paw. We traveling with Dog Dad as he refuses to leave us behind during herricane season. Besides Dad will need us for emotional support. Nothing like a face lick to make someone feel all better.

We are sure Dad's nickle dog Pudgy will be waiting to greet Grand-Paw when he crosses the bridge.

Dog Speed,

Essex, Deacon & Dog Dad


Jans Funny Farm said...

We're sorry you'll be making this trip to say good-bye to your grand-paw. It's great your dad won't leave you behind during hurricane season. We wish you and Dog Dad a safe trip and happy memories to accompany you. Purrs and tail wags.

Jake of Florida said...

Dog speed pals. We'll be thinking about you on this voyage.

Jake and Just Harry and Mom

Mack said...

Oh guys,
We are so sorry to hear that Grandpaw is not doing well. Just know that you are in our thoughts and prayers.
Stay safe,

Dawn said...

Oh dear, this is such sad news, even if Grandpaw is 91. But you will be so much support for Dog Dad who will be very sad. You guys will know just what to do to help him. Good that Dog Dad has those good memories to hang onto. Katie and I will keep you in our prayers. Safe journey, to both you guys, and to Grandpaw.

Natasha said...

I'm so sorry...we'll be thinking of you. Dog Dad is so very lucky to have both of you to help him through. Stay strong.