Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Raffie Crosses Bridge


Our cyber-paw pal, Raffie crossed the Rainbow Bridge at 11:45 PM on 5 July in Lost Wages, Nevada. He lived with Dog Dad's sister and her husband. He was an infrequent visitor to our blog, though we got quite a few e-barks from his Dog Mom over the years. Raffie was the seventh dog/person to sign our guess book and is mentioned a couple times in our blog. He loved his hoomans and they loved him. They are missing him. Dog Dad and I am sure Deacon greeted Raffie as he crossed the bridge.

Dog Speed,



Jans Funny Farm said...

Oh, how sad. We're sorry for the loss of your cousin Raffie. Purrs and wags to you and his family.

Dawn said...

Aww...that's sad news...always so hard to lose a member of the family. Hugs to you and your Dog-Dad and to his sister and her husband too. Sigh. :(

Mack said...

Oh that is so very sad. We are sending sugars and lots of prayers to his sweet family.

Dianne SS said...

I am very sorry to hear that Raffie is gone. Thoughts and prayers to your sister, her family, and to you and your family. Raffie and Deacon are together.

Jake of Florida said...

It's always so so sad to see one of our furry pals leave us for other parts.But we're thinking that Deacon will be excited to meet his cousin and they'll be comparing notes!!!

Wirey woofs,

Jake and Just Harry