Sunday, May 6, 2012

Terhune Stamp Petition

The Terhune Sunnybank Memorial (TSM) is having a petition drive to convince the U.S. Post Office to create an Albert Payson Terhune stamp as part of their “American Authors” series.  At the bottom of this post is a PNG file of the “Petition” in case you want to print a copy to sign in support of this noble effort. 
Terhune in a Collie Conference
We found out about this because of our subscription to a newsletter called “The Lookout” published by TSM.  Now the US Post Office likes to do things around the 50th or 100th anniversary.  2016 is the anniversary of the very first time a story about a Sunnybank Collie was published.  The title “His Mate” was featured in Red Book Magazine in January 1916.   This was the first appearance of Lad, the 80 pound collie that many of us came to love and wish was our dog.  Terhune is famous for his novels about his beloved collies, among the titles are Lad: A dog, His Dog, Lochinvar Luck, The Heart of Dog and Gray Dawn to name a few.  Terhune breed and showed outstanding collies as well.  The Sunnybank blood line can be found in many rough collies in the United States.  Terhune was born in 1872 and crossed the bridge in 1942.  We imagine a swirling large pack of collies rejoicing as the come to meet their master crossing the bridge.   
Terhune sitting with Lad, Bruce, and Wolf
1922 second printing cover
The Post Office likes proof that people are interested in a Terhune stamp.  So TSM is trying to get at least a thousand signatures, but more would be even better.  Please join them in showing the U.S. Post Office the power of the paw with your signatures.  Below is a copy of the petition.  It has the address of the Marilyn Horowitz, who is gathering the signature.  Have your friends sign, TSM says some folks have posted a copy in their vets office for folks to sign. Even if yours is the only name on the petition TSM will be happy to receive it.  As for us, we plan to see if our paw pals at Angel Paws Dog Park will add their name to ours on the petition.   

Dog Speed,

Essex & Sherman


Collie222 said...

I really hope they get enough signatures!

Dianne SS said...

That's a great idea!! Do Canadian votes count?


We will have to ask the folks at TSM, because we honestly don't know.

Essex & Sherman


We got word back from the folks at TSM. They love getting international signatures.

Essex & Sherman

How Sam Sees It said...

I would love to see that stamp! I grew up reading his books (all very old copies) and have visiting "The Place" on my list of vacation destinations!