Sunday, March 30, 2014

Remebering Essex and Drive Through Atlanta

Dad had a dream this morning.  In it he woke up petted me and went to the living room.  On the couch he saw Great Auntie Essex.  She looked up at him and gave him the look that said everything was okay.  He reached down to stroke her and woke up.  We both miss her a lot, but the spirit of Essex and Deacon will always be in Dad's heart.  While he was visiting Ohio, his Brudder gave him a slate with a portrait of Great Auntie Essex on it.
Great Auntie Essex's Slate
On our drive back from Ohio, we passed through Atlanta, Georgia on 15 March.  The weather was clear and sunny.  Since it was a Saturday, the traffic was light.  Dad told me that the name Sherman does not bring back good memories for Atlanta.  Perhaps, later this year we can go back in the WABAC machine and I can find out why.
Atlanta Road Sign
Atlanta From I-75
I hope everyone is having a pawsome year.  While I enjoyed the snow, I know plenty of you up North are ready for Spring to come.
Remembering Ohio Snow
Dog Speed,



Timothy said...

Beautiful portrait of Essex. Nice to have such a thoughtful brother and uncle!

Cowspotdog said...

what a lovely memento of Essex

Jake of Florida said...

Lovely drawing of your Essex!

Wirey woof,

Just Harry

Dianne SS said...

You and Dog Dad have had quite the adventure being up in snow country, visiting with relatives, and seeing the sights as you drive across many states. Up here in Canada, we are finding the snow not so much fun anymore and we want green grass!! That is a beautiful picture of Essex, something very special to remember her by.

Duffy and Lanny

StevieGrrrWonder said...

I'm happy the family chipped in for the cost of Essex's slate portrait and we all got to see it after the surprise birthday party for Marge. Yes, we'll all remember Essex & Deacon very fondly and they'll always be in our hearts and minds. They were excellent dogs and great companions. Glad yur trip back to FL went well....we r just thawing out as it seems the temps will be more spring-like now. We got lotta snow this yr, the most since I've lived here, almost 60 inches, and last snowfall on 29 Mar was the latest ever since I've been here these last 8 yrs. Glad Spring has sprung!!!!

Dawn said...

So nice that Essex visited your Dad in his dreams! And what a great portrait of her! That is just beautiful! Glad you guys enjoyed your trip to the north country...but yep..we're ready for the snow to go away.

Pippa Sheltie said...

Maybe it was a message from Essex, saying not to worry! We miss her too, she was a very pretty girl. Wow, you still have snow? Hope Spring comes quickly!
Pippa :)