Sunday, July 27, 2014

Miles July Visit

I have been after Dog Dad to post pictures of my visitor all week and finally got him to do it.  It has been about two years since Miles visited and I was happy to see him.  Miles stayed for nine days with us.  We definitely went out for more walks while he was here.  When we walked Miles left plenty of pee-mail behind.
We didn't play with each other but we didn't fight either.  I tried to get Miles to play, but I think he just wasn't comfortable with playing with a bigger dog.  Dog Dad said, just getting along is good enough.   
Miles and Sherman
Dog Speed,



Timothy said...

Too bad Miles didn't want to play Sherman. Buddy knows how that it is with the cats. He wants to play with them so bad but all they do is run away and jump up high.

Dianne SS said...

Miles is very cute!! Lanny says he knows all about having a dog around who doesn't want to play. Duffy just isn't into play anymore. Oh well, that's the way it goes sometimes, eh Sherman?

Dianne, Duffy, and Lanny

Cowspotdog said...

it can be tough for a little guy always having to look up to a big guy - I am sure if he was around you longer he would love to play

Sheltie Times said...

You were a good host even if Miles didn't want to play. Sometimes it is hard to adjust to a strange place.

Dawn said...

Well isn't he just a cutie-pie! Glad you got along anyway..and you got extra walks, so it all worked out!