Monday, June 8, 2015

Anna and Ellie

The weather was nice today when we went to Angel Paws.  When I got there, my pals Anna and Ellie were there.  Then a short time later Rue showed up.  It was chasing and running for a little while.  I did a little fence patrol as well. You have seen pictures of Rue before, but I wanted to introduce the sisters Anna and Ellie.  They are pawsome pups and are a nice size, Dad thinks around 30 lbs.  So they are not a big pup like a Collie, but not a tiny dog like a Rat Terrorist.
Anna - The Shy Girl
Ellie - The Outgoing Pup
Anna and Ellie - The Must Be Plotting Something
Dog Speed,



rottrover said...

Anna and Ellie look like fun pals. Do they chase you Sherman? I LOVE to be chased!!


Cowspotdog said...

bet they are such fun to run with

Dawn said...

Always nice to meet up with friends isn't it! :)

StevieGrrrWonder said...

Aren't these the Slime Sistahs? We know how u like to get slobbery wet while playing, Sherms! ;-)

Dianne SS said...

Cute girls!! Nice that you some buddies to have fun with at the park.

Duffy and Lanny